Actress Ali Landry Is Shining A Spotlight On Nightlight, Her Latest Career Adventure

Ali Landry is truly America’s Sweetheart. From her beginnings as Miss Teen USA to her notable acting career, Ali has captivated audiences for years with her beauty and sweet, down-to-earth personality. Today, Ali is the host of Spotlight to Nightlight, a celebrity entertainment news show on Yahoo!’s super popular omg! Goddess blog. Celebrity Parents spoke with Ali about her new show, mommyhood, and of course, her beautiful 2 year-old daughter, Estela Ines.

How did you become involved with Spotlight to Nightlight?
As a new mom, all you want to talk about 24 hours a day is your child. I was working on pitching a show about parenting when the opportunity came along to do the show. I was ecstatic. It was the perfect fit.

Let’s talk about the show.
I love Spotlight to Nightlight! It’s a bi-weekly web show where I interview celebrity moms on a variety of topics. The shoots are fun and easy. They edit each episode down to four minutes, but we can sit there and talk forever!

It’s a good four minutes. It’s packed with good info, but at the same time long enough for busy moms to watch it.
I agree. It’s the perfect length of time to sit uninterrupted!

What was it like going from being the interviewee to being the interviewer?
Well, when I thought of that aspect, I did get a little nervous! I love talking to people; I’m very open. If you ask me a question, I’m really going to tell you how it is! I’m not one of those women who pretend everything is fine and great. I’m like, “Give me the dish!” I looked at it as if I were having a conversation with another mom and we’re talking about our children. I love that I get to ask my own personal questions on these topics.

What topics have been covered to date?
We did an episode on finances with Sarah Clarke from Twilight. It dealt with teaching families how to cut back and save money. We also did an episode with Kristi Yamaguchi, and we spoke about getting kids involved in sports. I recently interviewed Nancy O’Dell, who has an amazing book out, called Full of Life. She was a great interview.

Do you find that moms are being more honest about how difficult it is to balance family life and still have a career?
I definitely think so. My husband and I are there to support each other. In the past, there was the idea to keep things private. I don’t think that’s healthy. If my story or my experiences can help someone else, then that’s great.

Spotlight to Nightlight is also available in Spanish. How did you find the experience of hosting the show in Spanish, too?
My husband, Alejandro, is from Mexico. His family only speaks Spanish. When we were dating, I was learning Spanish. I needed to be able to communicate with his family. Now Estela only speaks Spanish in our house! Even if my Spanish isn’t perfect, I try to do my best. I have to admit, though, that speaking in Spanish is what I stress about most when filming each episode. I don’t worry about our conversations or the topics. I’m always worried about the Spanish!

Are there plans to bring Estela on the show?
I would love to, but we’ll see. She’s very sweet. She’s two years-old now.

Is she exhibiting any of the “terrible two’s” behavior?
She has her moments, but overall she’s really good. I try to communicate with her. I find that if I explain things to her, it puts her at ease, so she can handle the situation better.

I have to say, you always have her dressed so adorably!
It’s part of my southern upbringing! I grew up surrounded by dresses and bows! Until you have your own child you don’t know how you’re going to want to dress the baby. But then I gave birth and it was a girl! I want to dress her like a little girl and not like an adult because that’s going to come so fast!

My Mom also contributes to how I dress Estela. Now, my mom is a very strong woman. She can lay a wood floor, spackle a wall; whatever you put in front of her, she can do it. She’s just one of those women. When I had Estela, she started sewing! She never sewed for me! The other day, she sent me a box of clothes she made for Estela. She inlaid the antique lace. She also made her an old-fashioned romper for her pre-school. And my eighth grade teacher makes all of Estela’s bows! Until she can tell me, “Mom I don’t want to wear that!” I’m going to take full advantage and dress her like a little girl.


What else do you have going on?
I’m actually working on a show for ABC. It’s a revival of the old show Super Stars, where athletes compete against celebrities in sports challenges. My whole family is going to the Bahamas for the filming. It will air after the NBA finals in June.

What have you had to do to prepare for filming?
I had to get in shape! Honestly, I have not worked out since I had Estela. I was eating healthy and just having a ball being a mom. When the show’s producers called to ask me for my swimsuit sizes, I thought, “Uh, oh!” I started having heart palpitations. I hired a trainer because I have to represent all the moms out there! I’ve been working so hard for the past month to get ready for the competition.

What results have you seen in the past month?
Yes (laughs). I think I’m in better shape right now than before I had Estela. Now I’m thinking, “I could do this baby thing again!”

I didn’t want to be nosy and ask, but since you brought it up: Are you planning on a second baby?
Not until now was I considering it. My family is in the South and Alejandro’s family is in Mexico. It’s hard being out here in L.A. by ourselves. We have a great nanny, Felicitas, who is now like a part of our family. It does scare me to think of a second child. Will I have enough time for two children? Our business is so unpredictable, and there’s always the guilt factor of leaving your child with a nanny.

I think everyone gets scared, but you just do it.
You do. I’m sure every mom goes through this worry and gets through it. We will, too. I just want to be the best mom I can be, have my career, and enjoy my life. And I truly am.

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