Email Apnea Is A *Real* Thing — Learn How To Stop Holding Your Breath While Scrolling

You might be waiting for a text from your sweetie with bated breath. As it turns out, too many emails and texts can be dangerous for your health. And there’s a name for it: email apnea.

What Is Email Apnea?

Researchers have found that there’s a new risk associated with electronic devices — email apnea. Whether it’s from excitement or anxiety (or a little of both), many people are holding their breaths while reading emails and text messages—and you might not even realize that you’re doing it. In fact, you probably don’t.

How Can Email Apnea Affect Your Health?

Similar to sleep apnea, the slowing of your breathing can put you at risk for a wide variety of ailments, including diabetes, stroke, even a heart attack. Poor posture, plus changing your breathing is what can put you at risk for email apnea. These bodily changes can cause a stress-response reaction within the body, which can affect your blood pressure. It’s estimated that a whopping 80 percent of people have email apnea, Psychology Today reported.

Here’s How To Stop Email Apnea

While little is known about this medical condition, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate it. For starters, experts suggest being aware of your breathing while using electronic devices (which includes video games, too). Taking deep breaths can help you offset any stress or anxiety you might feel while using electronics, too. And you should always take breaks when using any electronic device—getting up every half an hour for at least 5-10 minutes can help optimize your health—and keep you safe.

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