Actress Ali Larter Shares Her Tips To Create A Healthier Home, Because Babies Put *Everything* In Their Mouths

Kids are microbial magnets, and with good reason. A study found that young children can touch (and retouch) more than 300 surfaces in just 30 minutes. When adorably germy hands get a hold of the TV remote, shoes, or a cell phone, a baby germ network can be created. In partnership with Lysol, actress Ali Larter shares her tips on how to create a healthier home—while still letting baby’s curiosity thrive.

Understand Your Baby’s Social “Reach”

“Recently, I learned that my baby’s social network is bigger than my own. I’m not talking about Twitter, or Instagram … but the number of germs that she comes into contact with every day,” says Larter. “It’s important to be aware of these ‘followers’ and to kick them out of the home by disinfecting commonly touched surfaces with products that kill 99.9% of germs like Lysol Disinfecting Wipes so you can have peace of mind and focus on the fun parts of being a new parent!”

Create A Germ-free Runway

Says Larter: “My kids’ curiosity and desire to explore is high these days. Whether they are crawling, playing, or running around, they’re constantly coming into contact with the floors in our house. One of the simplest ways to help create a healthier runway for their play is to keep germs at a minimum outside and have guests take off their shoes before entering the home.”

Know When To Disinfect

“In addition to regularly disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, it’s important to disinfect areas after making a mess,” Larter advises. “When I’m cooking with my kids, and we accidentally break raw eggs on the counter, that’s a mess that needs to be cleaned up and disinfected! Raw eggs are at risk of housing bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses, which is definitely something a mom wants to avoid.”

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