Actress Debra Messing Shares Her Secrets For Surviving Allergy Season

Debra Messing 2

Sure, it’s great that spring is finally here. But along with warmer temps comes the onset of allergy season. Allergy sufferer and Broadway actress Debra Messing spent 11 weeks on Broadway in the play Outside Mullingar with no understudy in the wings. However, there was a time when Debra never thought she would be able to perform on Broadway as she used to fear that her allergies to dust, pollen, mold and more would get in the way and hold her back from pursuing her passion.

Debra teamed up with Zyrtec for a second year to share her secrets for surviving allergy season:

  • No matter where I am, I travel with eyes drops in my bag. The ones with saline help keep my eyes free and clear of pollen and dust.
  • I take Zyrtec for relief of my allergy symptoms. It’s the only thing that gives me the 24-hour relief I need to feel better.
  • I have a great home remedy that I’d recommend to anyone who has dealt with that puffy face feeling. In a bowl, I soak a face cloth in aloe vera or cucumber juice and allow it to chill in the fridge. I then apply the cloth to my face for about 10 minutes. The soothing ingredients in the cucumber and aloe – along with the cool temperature – helps relieve puffiness.
  • Take advantage of the big, bold brow trend, which is great because it allows you to go easy on eye makeup. Shaping and penciling eyebrows can help “wake up” any Allergy Face.
  • I always wash makeup brushes regularly to keep allergens away and protect my skin. Using a little baby shampoo with warm water is an easy way to get them clean.Debra Messing zyrtec
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