Catching Up With Fox & Friends Anchor Alisyn Camerota

As an anchor on the hugely popular Fox & Friends program, Alisyn Camerota has done it all. From reporting on hard-hitting news stories to judging hot dog-eating contests among her fellow co-anchors, Alisyn handles herself with grace and a good old-fashioned sense of humor. We recently spoke to Alisyn about her Fox & Friends family, her career and being a mom to three toddlers, twin girls Alessandra and Francesca, 4, and Nathaniel, 2.

Let’s chat about your work on Fox & Friends.
I host the weekend Fox & Friends. It is a wonderful program. I love my co-hosts, and we have a great time together. I think this is the best part of our show. We’ll crack up, and it’s not manufactured. You can tell when there’s a stilted repartee between news anchors, but these guys just make me laugh. Our show is highly unusual in that it’s unscripted and spontaneous.

Do you like the fact that it’s unscripted? I think some people would find that nerve-wracking.
That’s where the magic happens. Working without a net is scary and thrilling at the same time. My co-anchors and I have each other’s backs; it’s necessary. You can’t plan for everything. For instance, we once had a hot dog eating contest. Those can go very badly. I was designated the MC and judge. It ended up being very funny. Dave did it with a lot of gusto and it was a great segment.

As a mom, how do you deal with the harder-hitting stories?

It’s definitely gotten much harder. For five years, I worked at America’s Most Wanted as a crime reporter. I could do it without batting an eyelash, because I was able to compartmentalize it and see it as a story. Since having children, it’s much harder.  I’m more empathetic, and the stories affect me more, especially those dealing with children and illness or death. My job is to report the news, so I put on the newscaster hat and push through it.

Where do you see Fox & Friends going?
It’s so rare and delicious to feel satisfied, but I do. I like the show and my co-anchors. At the moment, I’m exactly where I want to be. Other places might not have that chemistry or formula that we have. I don’t look to any other program and think, “There’s the brass ring.”

You’re the mom to three active toddlers. Let’s talk about the kids.
They are all very, very distinct. I have twin daughters, and they have been a great experiment in Nature vs. Nurture. They were born at the same time, raised by the same parents in the same style, yet they are totally different. Ale is more contemplative; she can play for a long time by herself with her toys, while Cessa is much more of an extrovert.

Nate, my third child, is a whole other mix. He’s silly and funny; he had a sense of humor long before he could even speak! He would do an impression of Savi, our good friend and nanny. He would stomp around and put his hand on his hip. We realized he was impersonating her! We thought it was hilarious.

Savi has become a true member of your family.
Savi has been with us since the twins were three months-old. I’ve told her not to make any plans for the next eighteen years! Raising three toddlers to be happy, healthy and keeping them safe is more than a one-person job. Thank God I have the help of Savi. We work as a team, and I honestly don’t know how I’d leave the house without her!

Some moms feel conflicted when they leave their children with a nanny, fearing that the kids will love the nanny “more”. It’s nice that you have a great relationship with Savi.
There was a time when I felt that way. This was when the girls were little. They would always hug Savi and I would come home and say, “Where’s my love?” Savi told me that it would change, that the girls would cling to me, too, and not let me leave the house. And sure enough, that’s what happened. They cling to my leg like a barnacle when I’m trying to leave, and I’ll yell, “Savi, help!” she was right.

I’ve also learned that every phase is temporary. So while it is hard to tear myself away from the kids, literally, I know that they will forget about it in five minutes. When I return, they are filled with stories about their day and what they’ve done. And I come from the school of that your kids can’t be too smothered in love. Savi loves them, they love her, and it’s a beautiful thing.

As a working mom, how do you find the balance?
I’m in a lucky position. I work on the weekends. When I leave the house, it’s 3:30 AM and the kids are sleeping. Also, Fox is a very family-friendly company. They are very accommodating. By the time I get home, it’s around noon, so we get to spend time together as a family. And my husband enjoys that personal time he has with the kids, making them breakfast and playing with them.

That said, what has fallen by the wayside is time for me. I haven’t read a book in many years, and forget about resting! Any of the things that I used to savor are temporarily gone, but that’s life with children. Those things can take a backseat while I take the balls of parenthood and career and keep them in play.

When I can, I like to take each child out and go out on date with them. It can be hard dealing with all three of them and their needs at the same time, so I’ve found going out with one child at a time helps me to get to know them better.

That’s so cute! What are some things that you do?
We go to the “library”, which is actually Barnes & Noble! We’ll read books in the aisles, and then we’ll go have lunch together or grab a frozen yogurt. We walk and talk, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s my way of connecting with the kids, and making sure each one has plenty of time with me. It works and it makes everyone, including me, happy.


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