7 Small Bathroom Renovations That Are Beautiful And Practical

small bathroom renovations

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is truly a workhorse. It’s where you get ready in the morning–and relax at night. Since it does so much, you might expect that it would have to be a large space in order to meet the demands put upon it, but that’s not so. Just because your bathroom is itty bitty doesn’t mean that it can’t still be amazing. In fact, there are small bathroom renovations that can work towards making your bathroom beautiful, no matter what size it is. So whether you want to redo your kids’ bathroom, a first-floor bath, or even your en suite, these small bathroom renovation ideas can work towards achieving that.

1. Focus On Bathroom Storage

It’s easy to try to cram all of your shampoo, shaving, and soap into an already overflowing cabinet. But once you open the door, everything almost always falls out. So look at your space to see where you can potentially add some extra storage. But be mindful that whatever items you choose to hold your stuff should enhance (and not detract from) your space’s beauty. That’s where a well-placed (and pretty) wicker basket can help hold towels and also be a visually interesting element to your bathroom.

2. Remove Unnecessary Items From Your Bathroom

Your bathroom serves multiple functions, and as such, it’s easy for additional items to find a way into your space. But with space at such a premium, you’ll need to be selective when determining what stuff stays–and what goes. Focus on only keeping what you’ll need in the bathroom (think towels and toiletries), and relocate all other unnecessary items to other parts of your home.

3. Make Your Bathroom Light

The last thing a bathroom should feel is dark and dingy. That’s where having great lighting comes in. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, be sure to add a luxurious lighting fixture to your space. Not only will it add some much-needed brightness, but it can set the stage towards making your bathroom even more beautiful.

4. Invest In A Great Vanity

With so little real estate to work with, you should look to invest in quality pieces for your powder room. The good news is that since your space is small, you won’t need to break the bank on several furniture pieces. That’s why your bathroom’s vanity should be a statement piece that not only showcases your style but also adds to the flow and function of the room. The bathroom vanities at Twin Star Home are sleek, stylish, and will add sophistication to your bathroom’s decor.

5. Make Mirrors Work For You

A well-placed mirror can be a tiny bathroom’s best friend. Since mirrors can create the illusion of more space, your bathroom won’t feel as cramped as it might be without it. Look for mirrors that match your decor, whether it’s rectangular, round…or anything in between. Plus, a mirror can increase the amount of light in the room, which will only add to the spacious feeling.

6. Add Color To Your Bathroom

If you thought that tiny spaces had to be white or neutral in order to appear bigger, think again. Your bathroom is a great space to start sampling new color choices. If you’re unsure if you want to create an entire accent wall, you can always think smaller by adding hints of color here and there. You might opt for a vibrant vanity, or even incorporate color in items such as bath towels or even a rug.

7. Focus On The Flow

Just like the rest of the rooms in your home, your bathroom needs to be accessible and easy to move around in. After all, if you’re tripping on a clutter-covered floor, your space won’t work for you. Figure out how the room is supposed to flow based on its design, and then look for ways to improve its functionality. Not only does it mean getting rid of a lot of stuff probably, but also potentially rearranging pieces or storage so that your bathroom functions at its best.

No matter what size it is, your bathroom can be beautiful (and stay on budget!) with just a few key changes. So be strategic in executing your design, and your bathroom will feel like the perfect size for you.

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