Julie Moran Has Finally Mastered Her Own Balancing Act

Julie Moran has her life all in balance. As host of Lifetime’s popular series The Balancing Act, Julie shares tips and tricks on how viewers can improve their lives and find their balance, too. We spoke exclusively with the former Entertainment Tonight correspondent (and People’s 50 Most Beautiful People) to talk about renewing her vows with husband Rob Moran and how this beauty finds her own personal balance.

Julie, you have so many projects going on. Let’s talk about some of the highlights.

2014 has been a busy, hectic, but amazing year. I started January off hosting a special for ABC called NEW YEAR NEW YOU! It was sponsored by Prevention Magazine and really focused on ways to “Love your Whole Life!” Guests included Mariel Hemingway, Malika Chopra, Dermatologist to the Stars Dr. Jessica Wu and Prevention’s own Anne Alexander, sharing expertise on happiness, nutrition, beauty, sleep and fitness.

And you’re still hosting Lifetime’s The Balancing Act, too.
I am still hosting Lifetime’s morning show The Balancing Act every morning from 7 to 7:30am.
the Friday before the Super Bowl, we did a Big Game Day Special with Joe Namath. He is fit, fantastic, and funny! It was so electric having him in the studio since the Super Bowl was being played in Jet Stadium… his old Turf!

What do you love the most about hosting The Balancing Act?
Every Monday morning on The Balancing Act, I host a series called Mission Makeover. This year, we have 6 female contestants and the live reveal will be Monday May 19th. Our goal for the show is to make these women over from the inside out. We do not just focus on weight loss. Unlike The Biggest Loser, we don’t send our contestants away to a boot camp. They have to focus on living a healthier way of life in their own homes around their families and friends. They get a trainer, life coach, doctor and are following The South Beach Diet
this year. I am so proud of these women and this show!!! These women inspire me every week. When you can work on a show that is actually changing people’s lives for the better, there is no better reward.

How do you find your own personal work-life balance?
I absolutely love hosting The Balancing Act because that really is the title for my life! I believe women CAN have it all…just not all at the same time! When I am on my once a week date night with my husband, I do not take calls from the kids or work unless it is an emergency. When I am with the girls, I don’t think about work or use my iPhone. When I am at work, I concentrate on work…period.

Last year, you and your husband, actor Rob Moran, renewed your vows after 25 years of marriage.
I would always say that the 3 happiest days of my entire life were the day I married Rob, the day I had Maiya, and the day I had Makayla. Now I think I have number 4! [laughs] It was amazing to look at each other in the eyes with our 2 daughters present and feel that overwhelming sense of love once again in front of family and friends. Rob’s best man, his father and my maid of honor, my mother, were once again there to stand beside us 25 years later. I will cherish the memory of that sunset service on the ocean until the next 25 years.

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