Here’s Why Salsa Dancing Is Good For Your Health

Put on your dancing shoes and start bailando! Salsa and merengue are two Latin dances that provide numerous benefits, both physical and emotional. “The vigorous nature of salsa and merengue danced with spirited partners can provide a great cardio workout,” says Teddy Kern, Artistic Director of Dance Manhattan Studio in New York City. Even the American Heart Association recommends dancing as a leading aerobic exercise and a good way to lose weight. In addition to being heart-healthy, all that dancing – especially if you wear high heels — will help you to stand straighter as well. “Partner dancing encourages good alignment, erect posture and an elongated, eyes-up position in order to allow an ideal ‘frame’ to develop between two people,” says Kern. And fitness aside, salsa dancing is just plain sexy. Besides, it also allows you to have fun with (and get closer to!) your sweetie, which truly might be the best reward of all.


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