Olympic Medalist Summer Sanders Is Going For The Gold — In Running

She might be a medalist in all things aquatic, but Olympian Summer Sanders is going for the gold — in running. That’s right, the 2-time Olympic Gold Medal winning swimmer will be running in the NYC Marathon. Sanders spoke about what it’s like to be a champion mom, how she’s taken on the challenge of running, and how she keeps her life on track.

Summer Sanders Doesn’t Give In To The Guilt

It’s easy to let your kid have an extra cookie (or four), especially if you’ve been away for a while. But not Sanders. “I don’t walk in the door and let things slide just because I’ve been gone,” she says. ‘No, you don’t get to eat extra candy or watch more TV.’ I don’t bring mom guilt home.”

Summer Sanders Has Learned To Celebrate The Differences

There are so many differences between running and swimming, and Sanders has developed a newfound appreciation for, of all things, sweat. “I love running because I can feel myself sweat, which was such a novel, amazing feeling I didn’t get in the pool,” she explains. “Plus, I can talk. I used to chat with my (swimming) teammates during kicking sets, and my coach would get mad and tell me I wasn’t working hard enough.”

Summer Sanders Knows It Takes A Team

Although it might seem like running and swimming are solitary sports, athletes still need encouragement. Sanders understands that having a support group is so important, especially to keep you on track. “I’ve got three local friends who really push me,” says Sanders. “I run at another level when I get to run with them.”

Summer Sanders Has Learned The Key To Staying Healthy

Being on the road for competitions can wreak havoc on your eating habits. But in order to perform at her peak, Sanders brings snacks along for the trip. “I take along a Ziploc or two of cereal (or I’ll bring it in a travel coffee mug and buy milk once I get through security),” she says. “I also bring mixed roasted almonds and cashews with dried cherries and blueberries for the plane.”

Summer Sanders Appreciates Her Slow Cooker

Whether you’re gearing up for parent/teacher conferences (or in the case of Sanders, a marathon), time management is key. That’s why Sanders swears by her slow cooker. “I knew what one was when I lived in California, but I truly discovered it when I moved to a cold weather town,” says Sanders. “I make chili, chicken tortilla soup, spinach-sausage soup, and other meals that can be prepped at 9 a.m.”

Summer Sanders Understands How To Stay Organized

In order to achieve excellence, you just have to be organized. There’s no way around it. For Sanders, that means synced iCals. “Although we try to have a Sunday night meeting to plan the upcoming week, (my husband) Erik and I rely on our iCal,” she says. “We program everything in there, whether it’s a ski practice or a gymnastics meet, and just trust that we are paying attention to the overlaps.”

Courtesy: Runner’s World
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