How To Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week Virtually

Now, more than ever though, parents are really getting some perspective on everything that teachers do on a daily basis for our kids (and it’s a lot). So more than likely, you’re probably feeling extremely appreciative of your child’s teachers as you try to home school, work, and do 100 other things at home. So in honor of your child’s instructor, you might want to know how to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week virtually.

There’s no denying that the school scene looks a lot different now than it has in the past. We’ve all been suddenly plunged into this alternate reality of Zoom meetings, online learning, and social distancing, all the while trying to keep our children on top of their schoolwork and not stressed. And parents aren’t the only ones who are suffering; teachers truly miss their students, too. That’s why it’s important to honor teachers for the pivotal role that they play in our children’s lives.

These ways to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week virtually can help keep the connection between your child and their instructors, and show how much you appreciate all that they’ve done —and continue to do— while parents, teachers, (and even kids) all come together to make distance learning work.

Complete All Assignments…For Once

Be honest. Has your child completed all their assignments every day since remote learning started? (Yeah, us neither.) But your child’s teacher is still carefully curating lessons and offering assistance while you try to teach your child how to “carry the one.” So during National Teacher Appreciation Week, try to complete all the assignments — or just get them all done for one day.

Take A Picture Of Your Child Doing School Work

Believe it or not, your teacher misses seeing those sweet faces every morning in their classroom. That’s why taking a pic of your child doing their work can make them feel like they’re all still together at school, even though everyone is at home. You can even ask your child’s teacher for help, because, ugh, math.

Write An Email

Sometimes, a note is all it takes to acknowledge your teacher’s hard work. Email your child’s teacher and tell them how thankful you are that they’ve been such a pivotal part of your child’s educational experience.

Send A Gift

Sure, your kid can’t stroll into the classroom carrying a gift, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your teacher a token of your appreciation. You can order a gift online and have it delivered directly to them. Amazon has a ton of teacher gifts that are affordable and, woot, most have free shipping. You can include a note expressing your thanks for all that they’ve done to help your child learn.

Wear Red On National Teacher Day

When you help pick out some clothes for your kiddo to wear, opt for a red outfit. Red is the color for National Teacher Day, so whether it’s a rose or ruby-colored shirt, wearing red can show your support for your child’s educators.

Get Social

You can make all your friends and family aware that it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week by going online. Use hashtag #ThankATeacher in your posts—you can use memes or even post pics and videos of how much you adore your child’s teacher.

Draw A Picture

If your child is still learning how to write their letters, you can encourage them to draw a picture for their teacher instead. Just break out the crayons and paper and see what your mini Matisse comes up with. You might be surprised at what the artsy outcome is. Then snap a shot of it and send it to your teacher, with a word of thanks.

National Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 might be different from past ones, but it’s still a time to tout the teachers who truly make a difference every day in our children’s lives. So show your support and they’ll definitely feel the (virtual) love.

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