The Living Well Planner From Ruth Soukup Will Have You Crushing Your Goals

There’s nothing like the dawn of a New Year to make you feel inspired to get organized. But a couple of weeks (or days, if we’re really being honest) into January, and all those well-intentioned goals fall by the wayside. Ruth Soukup isn’t about to let that happen to you, though. The New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur created the Living Well Planner, a guide to not only crushing your goals, but living the life you truly deserve.

Filled with inspiring quotes, the Living Well Planner goes beyond your typical planner. It has sections for not just your typical to-dos, but also your monthly budget and expenses, down to utilities, food, clothing, charity, credit card debt, and personal expenses, such as pocket money and personal care.

In addition to money plans, there’s a goals section that allows you to focus on what you really want to accomplish. You’ll love the wonderful wrap-up section on thoughts and thanks, which is meant to inspire reflections on grace and gratitude.

Each section has a big three major goals to accomplish this month, along with personal growth, fun places you want to go, health goals, home improvements, finance goals, and people to connect with. (There’s even a top goal for the month.) This planner truly encapsulates all that you might want to do with your life, both physically and fiscally, and helps you keep it all beautifully organized and easier to execute, too.

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