Olivia Capone Myers Is Designing A New Life For Her Little Pea In The Pod

As Design Director for the chic maternity line A Pea in the Pod, Olivia Capone Myers knows how to beautifully style pregnant women. Now expecting her first child, we spoke with Olivia about what to expect when you’re expecting, and designing a perfect life.

Olivia, were you always into fashion?

I have always loved fashion. I studied fashion design in college and I had aspirations to become a design director. Luckily, I found my fit in maternity. I started right out of college designing maternity. At the time, I wanted at the time to get into dresses and high end sportswear, so it turned out to be a perfect fit.

It’s interesting to be so young and want to start out in maternity.

I just loved it. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a learning curve; I’ve learned a lot during my almost 13 years with A Pea in the Pod. Designing maternity is like any other kind of design with its own set of challenges, whether it’s Juniors or Children’s. With maternity, it’s about learning how to fit garments with a flattering silhouette. Now being pregnant myself for the first time, I’ve learned so much more.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I do a classic yet modern look with a twist. It’s clean and minimal; I like to keep my accents and punches in small doses done with accessories or a shot of color.

What are you loving for Spring?

Well, Spring is just coming into the stores now. I love the pieces that emphasize your bump, so there’s lots of side ruching, or fitted knit styling. Color is also big for Spring. Pastels are big and also head-to-toe color. That’s another thing I found being pregnant; you tend to go for monochromatic looks but you should really pop your look.

I think you connect with your clothes in an entirely new way when you’re pregnant.

That’s true. I found that I’m more unforgiving on my clothes when I’m pregnant. I ask more of them. I want them to be comfortable, stylish and fitted perfectly. You can’t be in a meeting for three hours and have your clothes cutting into you.

Now, how has your pregnancy been?

It’s been great. I’m due in May. I had your typical first trimester nausea but it’s been a great time for me. Designing maternity clothes while I’ve been pregnant has become even more special for me. I love what I do every day anyway but it’s taken on a whole new meaning.

How has it changed your design?

Going through the physical transformation, I get it now. It’s not just about the trends and maintaining your style. There’s an emotional piece now when it comes to dressing. I see that you’re truly dressing for your entire body, and it takes some time to figure out what works for you. I spent a lot of years tweaking my own personal style, and now you have to work with a new body to get that same look.

What are your plans after you have the baby?

Post-baby, I’m going on maternity leave and get into Mommyhood. After my maternity leave, I’ll get back into designing with A Pea in the Pod. And it will be the best of both worlds.


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