The Babybel Personalized Onesies Support Baby2Baby — And Make An Awesome Christmas Card Photo, Too

If there’s anything certain during these crazy times, it’s that a bounty of beautiful babies are bound to be born this year. And just in time for this barrage of 2020 babies, Babybel has created an adorable onesie that looks just like its popular round cheese product. Best part: a portion of the proceeds from the Babybel personalized onesies sold support Baby2Baby, a pivotal non-profit for children in need.

Dressing up your baby in amazing outfits and cute little costumes is something a lot of parents live for. Now, you can get the cheesiest photo of your baby (ha) when they don this Babybel onesie ($15). Instead of the Babybel logo emblazoned on the front, you can personalize the red, short-sleeved onesie with your baby’s name.

That’s not all you get, though. In addition to the onesie, you’ll get a coupon for Babybel cheese — which just might come in handy during those 3:00 a.m. feedings when both you and baby want something to snack on. And here’s even more food for thought: when you order your personalized onesie, you’ll be helping Babybel in its efforts to support Baby2Baby, a non-profit that works tirelessly to help babies and children who are living in poverty.

For parents, having extra onesies on hand is a must. It’s truly the one piece of kid clothing that you’ll need multiples of. After all, onesies are ideal for layering, and they make excellent loungewear or even something simple to sleep in. In short, you can’t ever, ever have enough of them, and this one from Babybel is bright red, which is perfect for the holiday season.

So whether you’re looking for some cute, comfy clothing for your kiddo to wear, or want to contribute to a good cause, the Babybel personalized onesies can help make your holiday season (and others in need) merry and bright — and deliciously cheesy, too.

Photo Credit: Babybel
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