Big D’s Grub Truck Is Feeding NYC One Taco & Grinder At A Time

The line outside Big D’s Grub Truck is always long. But you never hear complaints, as fans of the popular NYC food truck or newbies chat with each other, or with Big D (aka Dennis) himself as their orders are freshly prepared. The menu, a mix of Asian and Latin flavors, goes way beyond your typical chino/latino fare. Grinders and tacos (3 for $7) top the menu and favorites include the bulgogi, a lean beef marinated in soy sauce and topped with kimchi puree, scallions and crema, as well as the spicy pork and chicken and ginger chicken.(Lovers of cilantro will be very pleased!) Eaten separately or as a pairing, the flavors from the different tacos all work well together. The pork and chive dumplings ($3) are perfectly cooked, and come with a rich soy sauce. By far, though, faithful followers of Big D’s food truck love the yuca fries ($3).

So keep a look out for the bright yellow food truck and the friendly staff of Big D’s Grub Truck for a truly delish bite of NYC life.

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