The Barbie Dia De Muertos Doll Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Maybe you’ve been collecting Barbies since you were a baby, and have a pretty sizeable collection by now. But no matter how many Barbies you own, you definitely haven’t seen anything like the Barbie Dia De Muertos Doll. An ode to the love of familia and friends, this doll is drop dead gorgeous.

Come October 31st, kids throughout the U.S. don disguises and trick or treat. On November 1st, though, there really isn’t anything to do other than to put your costume away and consume copious amounts of candy. Not in Mexico, where people celebrate Dia De Muertos, a holiday that celebrates the dearly departed. Lasting for two days, Dia de Muertos is a celebration of life and love, and involves everything from making ofrendas (altars) at home filled with things that the deceased loved, like food and drinks, flowers and music. Family and friends then visit the cemetery, where they pray, tell stories, and simply honor their loved ones.

To celebrate this much-beloved Mexican tradition, Mattel created Barbie Dia De Muertos. Her face is painted in a traditional calavera design, and her flowing dress has tiny pearlescent details. Underneath, the second layer has a design that includes flowers and skeleton accents. The crown on her head is skeleton hands holding roses and marigolds.

A doll like this definitely begs to be displayed, and to do so, Barbie Dia De Muertos comes with a doll stand. Of course, your kiddo might want to play with this beautiful doll as well, so once you take her out of the equally gorgeous packaging, you can play Barbies with your kiddo and explain the importance of Dia De Muertos.

Mattel has made it a point to be more inclusive and offer diversity in their Barbie doll line. Not only do they have more than 35 varying skin tones, but there are also nine different body types to represent everyone. And while the brand has boasted their Barbie Dolls of the World, nothing can compare to the beauty of Barbie Dia De Muertos, which is truly a love story not just for doll lovers, but for the rich history of Mexico as well. And who knows, maybe (just maybe) the doll might inspire your kiddo to offer up some of their Halloween candy as part of the ofrenda to the dearly departed.

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