Ice Cream Emergency Is Giving Life To Kids And Adults Everywhere

Imagine having a craving for some ice cream. Now imagine that instead of having to find a place that’s open, the ice cream comes straight to you in the form of a mobile ice cream parlor. That’s exactly what Ice Cream Emergency is, and it’s giving life to kids (and adults) everywhere.

But if you thought that Ice Cream Emergency was your average Mr. Softee truck, think again. It’s a large mobile ice cream parlor that you actually board in order to pick the most tantalizing of ice cream treats. Created by Debra and Tony Arrato, Ice Cream Emergency offers a wide variety of premium ice cream and toppings for even the most discerning of ice cream aficionados. Some of the flavors they offer include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, a swoon-worthy salted caramel, peanut butter cup, chocolate mint, and a delicious sorbet.

And it doesn’t stop there. Depending on the package you pick (Ice Cream Emergency currently offers five of them), you’ll get to adorn your ice cream at the sweet and crunchy toppings bar, where you’ll find anything from nuts to chocolate chips, M&Ms to Oreo cookie crumbles — even Sour Patch Kids. Other toppings include whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and if you choose the Flatliner Sundaes Package #5, you’ll even get OMG Fudge Brownies and Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies. There’s even gourmet hot fudge, caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter sauces, too. And no ice cream concoction would be complete without rainbow and chocolate sprinkles.

To say that the inside of Ice Cream Emergency smells like heaven is an absolute understatement. A deliciously sweet scent is in the air, but it also smells super clean, too. The black and white checkered floor harken back to a time when ice cream parlors were a la mode (get it?) Pictures of ice cream cones adorn the ceiling, so there’s no mistaking what you’re about to experience. Plus, the vintage vibe makes Ice Cream Emergency even more special and charming.

Each ice cream package comes complete with its own “scoopologist” and true to their title, they come dressed in scrubs ready to revive you with decadent ice cream….stat! Because they’re saving lives one scoop at a time, they wear a “scooposcope” around their necks, which just adds to the fun factor. There’s such a happy feeling on the bus as they literally serve up smiles for everyone on board.

Having Ice Cream Emergency at your next event is a no-brainer. You won’t ever have to worry about the weather because all the ice cream is served inside the climate-controlled bus. Plus, when the bus rolls down your driveway, they have absolutely everything that you’ll need for your guests to enjoy their ice cream. Your only worry will be trying to decide which flavors and toppings you want. If you’re having a birthday party, your child can receive a custom I.C.E stadium cup and an honorary scoopologist badge. Which, for a 5 year-old, is pretty heady stuff indeed. And before boarding the bus, guests can sign the Custom Doctor’s Chart, which is like a big birthday card for the birthday guy or gal.

Food trucks are super popular these days, and Ice Cream Emergency is one of the best out there. They’ve thought of everything to make the experience so much more than a scoop of ice cream. It will make you feel like a kid in a candy store — or in this case, a totally cool mobile ice cream parlor.

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