Blue Dog Bakery Has Treats That Will Make Your Woofie Wag His Tail

When it comes to holiday snacking, humans have all the luck. There’s pumpkin spice everything, and chocolate for days. What about your favorite furry friend? Should she be left out of the seasonal snacking just because she’s, you know, a dog? Well, the fine folks at Blue Dog Bakery beg (get it?) to differ, offering a selection of treats that will make your pooch ever so pleased.

The Blue Dog Bakery Pumpkin Paws ($6) are baked dog biscuits that your favorite four-legged friend will love. They’re all natural and low fat, and can actually clean your dog’s teeth and (ahem) freshen his breath, too. And because they only have ten calories per treat, you can give one to your dog without worrying about his waistline. What makes them even cuter is the paw design on the biscuit, which shows that there’s love in every bite.

If you’re looking for a grab-em-and-go treat, you can’t beat the Blue Dog Bakery Harvest Bites Pumpkin Flavor treats. These bite-sized biscuits ($6) are made with real pumpkin, and are all natural. They have a soft, chewy consistency, which makes them good for younger puppies. You can use them as a means for training your pet by offering up one as a reward for positive behavior. They’re also good for portion control–each treat touts just 3 calories. You can offer one up after a good walk without your pup pulling on the leash, or even when you’re out trick-or-treating so that your dog doesn’t feel left out of the festivities.

But don’t think that the fall has all the fun flavors. Blue Dog Bakery Gingerbread Softies ($6) are perfect for your pet for the holiday season. The tasty treats come in a cute holiday packaging that can serve as a gift to your dog; just stick it in his stocking and you’ll see his tail wag. Because they’re chewy, both older and younger dogs can eat them.  They’re perfect for your pet — whether he’s been naughty or nice.

All of the treats from the Blue Dog Bakery line are all natural with no artificial ingredients. They’re made in the USA, and a portion of the proceeds go to support hundreds of animal rescue and shelter organizations. Now that’s something to woof about.

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