Kinjabang Noodles Aren’t Your College Roomie’s Ramen

It’s the witching hour, and your kid (and you) are completely hangry. Any decent dinner is going to take at least 15 minutes or more to prepare, you think, so you’ll need to turn to a fast and fulfilling alternative. But before you reach for that ramen, you can create a quick, easy — and healthier — meal when you break out a box of Kinjabang Noodles.

They say that we eat with our eyes first, and if that’s the case, then the packaging alone on Kinjabang Noodles should leave you so satisfied. It’s got bright, bold colors, and the noodles are styled in a totally tantalizing way. But it’s once you unwrap the packaging that you find that Kinjabang Noodles are unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before. First, they’re air dried using a proprietary 18-hour process to maintain freshness. They’re also 100% completely plant-based, free from preservatives, and are never fried.

Making Kinjabang is super simple. Place the noodles in the already included tray, and sprinkle the veggie packet (which contains dried cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and green onions) on top. Cover with water and then place in the microwave for mere minutes until it’s done. Secure the lid to the top of the tray, drain the excess water, and then add the sauce packet to your desired taste level.

Kinjabang Noodles come in three cool flavors: the Shadow Style Noodles are similar to traditional ramen noodles and comes with a Kinjabang Spicy Sauce. Kin Style Noodles are a medium cut and have an Original Sauce packet, while the Blade Style Noodles are a thick cut (similar to fettucine, for example) which can be topped with the Kinjabang Zesty Sauce.

There are so many ways to prepare Kinjabang Noodles. You can add some extra veggies and a protein and transform the noodles into an entrée or simply serve as a side dish. But honestly, Kinjabang Noodles are absolutely delish all on their own. So use your own noodle and prepare these noodles for your family. It just might be a meal that everyone will actually eat.

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