Life’s Grape Is The Snack You Never Knew You Needed—Until Now

It can be a hard sell to get your child to eat fruit for a snack. They want something sweet and yummy, and, well, sometimes fruit falls into that good-for-you category that just won’t cut it with kids. But you won’t have to convince your kiddo to eat Life’s Grape, which are vine-ripened grapes that are as delish as candy — and healthy, too.

The first thing you’ll notice about Life’s Grapes grapes are that they’re kind of a hybrid between a grape and a raisin. Unlike other raisins, which are Thompson Seedless grapes that are dried on the ground (just in case you were wondering), these grapes are of the Selma Pete variety. According to the company’s site, the Selma Pete grape is a mix between a Thompson Seedless, Fiesta, and Muscat grape. They dry hang on the vine itself, so they don’t touch the ground, like other grapes do. This results in a raisin that’s less, you know, raisin-like (read shriveled and dry) and is more plump and juicier, resulting in a more nutritious snack.

California-grown, the Life’s Grape snacks are a farm-to-table snack that packs a powerful nutritional punch. They are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and 100% real fruit with no added flavors. Now, while that might sound like they’re kinda tasteless, they’re not. It’s just pure, healthy snacking that your child will love. They come in a Classic flavor (which is just the grapes and sunflower oil), or two kid-friendly flavors, Dark Chocolate dipped (which is a heavenly mash up decadent chocolate and grapey goodness), and the Peanut Butter dipped grapes, which taste like a PB&J sandwich.

And because they’re super sweet, your child can snack to their heart’s content. They’re available in mini snack packs, as well as a 13 oz. size pouch that’s perfect for families to share. A snack that’s healthy and your kid will eat? Well, that just might make you feel that life is, um, kinda grape.

Photo Credit: Life’s Grape
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