The Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers Gets Dinner On The Table — Fast

It’s an indisputable fact. Children’s stomachs are the size of a pea when you try to serve them dinner, but an absolute bottomless pit when it comes time for snacks. That’s why the Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers can make for an amazing anytime meal — even when all your kid wants to do is graze.

Perdue recently added two new meal and snacking lines to its ever-growing food portfolio. The first: Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers, adorably bite-sized snacks that are as yummy as they are pop-able. The snacks come in three kid-friendly flavors — Pizza, BBQ, and for kids who can handle the heat, Firecracker. Each serving of the Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers has a quarter cup of veggies and plants and 9 grams of protein. Pop them in the oven, microwave, or air fryer for easy breezy heating. Serve with a salad or a side, and you’ve got a complete meal. And if your kid just wants to sit back and watch Bluey, you can put them on a plate and let them snack away, since they don’t require any utensils for eating.

Now, how do they taste? In a word … delicious. Sometimes, when foods are flavored in an entirely new and unexpected way, the taste can be a bit off. But that’s not the case with the Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers. The Pizza variety tastes just like real pizza, but also like a high-quality chicken nugget, too. The BBQ flavor tastes like you dunked your nuggs in your favorite BBQ sauce. And the Firecracker lives up to its name — it’s pretty spicy, so unless your kid likes a fiery flavor, you might want to serve these mini nuggs up with some blue cheese or ranch dipping sauce to tame the flames.

The Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers are completely kid-friendly, due to their diminutive size. But Perdue hasn’t forgotten about the parents in the room, though. The all-new Perdue Flavor-Infused Chicken is aimed for adults with little time, but big appetites. The chicken comes refrigerated and ready to heat and eat in five minutes flat. It comes in three varieties — Sesame Ginger, Green Chili, and Greek style. The chicken is cooked in a sous vide process that vacuum seals and slow cooks it, which makes the meal extra juicy and delicious.

The Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers are an easy way to make a meal that everyone will eat, whether it’s around the table, standing at the kitchen counter, or in the back seat of the car on the way to soccer practice.

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