How To Set A Beautiful Dining Room Table Without Spending a Fortune

When it comes to table setting, the costs can quickly add up. Factor in fresh linens, napkins, dishes, silverware, glasses and such, and you’re looking at paying a pretty penny for each individual place setting.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can set a beautiful dining room table without spending a fortune. All it comes down to is some research (and a little creativity) and you can craft a table that will complement the rest of your décor.


Decide On An Idea

Whether you choose a theme, an idea, or even a color scheme, your table should have a cohesive feeling to it. Meaning, when your guests sit down at the table, they’ll automatically get an idea of what you’re going for aesthetically. So if you’re having a casual barbeque dinner, look to the outdoors for inspiration. Or if you’re hosting an elegant bridal brunch, you can use the bride’s honeymoon destination to spark your creativity — and your décor.


Focus On Your Centerpiece

A well-set table usually has a focal point. It can be anything from a vase full of flowing flowers to pumpkins for a fall-themed setting. But the point of any centerpiece is to set the stage for the rest of the table. An easy (and fast) centerpiece idea is to fill a large glass, crystal bowl, or vase with something related to the theme you’ve chosen. For example, for or a summer luau, fill it with seashells or a variety of leis. For an eco or green-themed dinner, fill it with fresh fruit or beautifully fresh flowers. Even a grouping of smaller vases and bowls works nicely, too, especially if you have a large or long table.

And if you don’t have a theme, you won’t go wrong with mood-setting candles or  a classic floral arrangement. Just be sure it’s not so tall that your guests can’t see over it!


Look For Linens

Freshly pressed linens will give your table a finished look. Once you’ve built a centerpiece, complement it with colored napkins or a patterned table runner. If you don’t have fabrics that match your theme, a plain, crisp white tablecloth is always appropriate. They’ll work with any color scheme or decorating theme, and they have a clean, timeless look.


Personalize It

Sure, it requires additional effort, but if possible, you should try to find a way to decorate each person’s place setting. It can be anything from a votive candle wrapped in colored paper, a personalized napkin ring, or a little nosegay of flowers for each person.  If you’re entertaining people who don’t know one another, be sure to use place cards that are visible to the whole table.


Make It Purposeful

In order to have a covet-worthy table, you should adorn it with only the items you’ll need. After all, you don’t want to create a lot of clutter (and clatter) with unnecessary dishes and settings. And if you’re not really sure about the settings, the salad plate, bread plate and forks are on the left, while glasses, a knife, and a teaspoon go on the right.


Setting a beautiful dining room table really has nothing to do with spending a ton of money. In fact, having a clean and pretty table that’s personalized with well-placed items can have the look of luxury—but without the expensive price tag.

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