The Doggie Doo Game Teaches Kids Responsibility And Offers A Lot Of Laughs Too


You wouldn’t think that a game about dog poop would be popular…but it is. The Doggie Doo Game ($10) from Goliath is a great gift to give to young children to teach them what it’s like to really have a dog — and have a few fun laughs, too.

With a game focused on fecal matter, it’s not hard to figure out the instructions. So here’s how the Doggie Doo Game works. Your dog needs to eat, so once you feed him the food pellets provided, you simply squeeze the leash until your doggie does number two. The pellets and the poop are one in the same, so with each squeeze of the leash, you’re aiding your dog’s digestion. The good thing is that the poop won’t look like, you know, doo doo. The pellets are green and yellow, (and squishy, too), so they have an easier time being “digested”. The player who picks up the most poop wins.

The good news is that Doggie Doo isn’t a messy game, so you don’t have to worry about clean up, like you would with a real dog. And that’s where we can see Doggie Doo going beyond just a game. If you’re toying with the idea of getting a dog, Doggie Doo offers some practice into what it’s like to pick up after your pet.

Something noteworthy about Doggie Doo is the sound. Once you place a pellet in your dog’s mouth, you’ll stick his bone in there, too, which is how the leash attaches. But when you give that leash a squeeze, the sound that comes out of the dog as he’s preparing to poop is unexpected — and hilarious. Your kids will fight to see who can “walk” the dog with the leash so that he poops first. Fortunately, it takes about six or so squeezes on the leash for the pellet to pop out, so your kids will have a blast hearing the dog, you know, farting. And kids love fart jokes, for sure.

The Doggie Doo Game is for ages four and up, and can be played with 2-4 players. It’s a great game for teaching responsibility, and for just cracking your kids for a tooting good time.

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