Miss Rabbit Has All The Jobs On Peppa Pig And Parents Are Noticing

If you watch Peppa Pig with any type of frequency (which, if you have small children, means multiple times daily), you’ll notice a few things. First, Peppa Pig is obsessed with muddy puddles — and jumping in them. George loves, what else, dinosaurs. And Miss Rabbit has all the jobs on Peppa Pig.

At first, I thought it was just my mistake. Didn’t I just see Miss Rabbit running the cash register at the supermarket — and on the moon, too? Did she really just drive the bus and fly a helicopter? Is she a library assistant but also works as an emergency EMT as well?


To be fair, Miss Rabbit isn’t the only adult in Peppa Pig who works. Mummy Pig works from home, and often is seen on her computer trying to get her job done. Unfortunately, George wants to play his Happy Mrs. Chicken game at the same time, which all work-from-home moms know is a common complaint. And Daddy Pig does work, too. In fact, he’s a structural engineer, a job he tells Peppa she would find boring. And when he explains it (“I take big numbers, transmute them, and calculate their load-bearing tangents.”), we can see why.

But that doesn’t explain how Miss Rabbit is magically able to work all of these jobs simultaneously. I mean, is she getting overtime? Holiday and sick pay? Because she’s literally working 24/7.

The fact that Miss Rabbit has easily over a dozen jobs isn’t an accident. In fact, it appears to be a running joke the writers of Peppa Pig have fun with. Case in point: they even dedicated an episode to the workaholic called “Miss Rabbit’s Day Off,” where Mummy Rabbit tries to pitch in and help her cover all of her shifts, including the supermarket, the ice cream store, and driving the bus.

So I went straight to the source (my 4 year-old) and asked her about this. She thought for a moment, looked at me, and said, “Miss Rabbit likes to work.” Well, that’s just the perfect answer.

Ultimately, you’ve got to admire Miss Rabbit’s insanely hard work ethic. She’s definitely a role model, because you never see her complaining about her various roles, and she always seems to be happy at whatever job she’s working at. And for parents, it’s always fun to watch an episode of Peppa Pig and see what Miss Rabbit’s next employment opportunity will be. Because as we know, the sky’s (or as we saw in an episode, a gift shop owner on the moon) is the limit.


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