How To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween

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You already think of your dog as one of the kids. And as such, you probably want to include him in on all the frighteningly good Halloween fun. But Halloween can be scary for pets, since the loud noises, incessant doorbell ringing, and high activity levels can be stressful for them. That’s when you’ll need to determine how to keep your pet safe on Halloween, so that he doesn’t become overly agitated by all the little vampires and mummies visiting your home.

It can be hard to keep your pet at home when all you want to do is score some treats for your cute little canine. “It’ s natural for us as their owners to want to include our four legged companions in our events,” says Jeffrey Scott Franklin, owner and operator of Cobra Canine. “But human events are exactly that- for humans.” That’s why Franklin advises that pet owners pay particular attention to their dog’s needs on an interactive holiday such as Halloween–and skip the scary parts. Here’s how.

Know His Needs

How does your dog react when he sees strangers? That’s a big clue as to how he’ll act on Halloween. “Trick or treating on Halloween can be busy, typically with children from 2 years of age and up approaching your door for treats,” says Franklin. “Even if your dog is the best dog, not all children are confident around animals, especially those they do not know.” If you feel that your dog will be anxious with all the lights, lanterns, and trick or treaters coming to your door, you shouldn’t have him loose–or worse, have  him greet guests at the door, no matter how cute his canine costume is.

Find A Quiet Spot

Everyone needs a safe space to relax every now and then, and your dog is no exception. “For those dogs that are more fearful or anxious of strangers or loud noises, select a room in your home in which they can retreat safely and quietly to their dog bed or their crate,” advises Franklin. But make sure that their spot (whether they’re in their bed or a crate) doesn’t have direct access or line of sight to the front door of your home.  This will help ease their nerves and yours- and make sure that they are comfortable and left mostly undisturbed.

Offer A Treat

Who says that all the ghouls and goblins should get treats on Halloween? Just because your pet can’t partake in all the Halloween activities doesn’t mean that he can’t get a treat, too. Franklin advises that for those dogs that are excessively anxious, a crate with a favorite bone or Kong toy to keep them occupied is ideal. Just make sure that he doesn’t have easy access to any chocolate, since that can be dangerous for dogs.

In the end, a few hours of rest time during Halloween will be good for your dog. And it will allow your faithful furry companion to do what he does best- be a dog without having to be a perfectly behaved costumed canine character on Halloween.

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