UrbanSitter’s Mom’s Night Out In A Box Makes Staying Home Fun

It happens to the best of us. We make plans with our girlfriends to see that latest rom com, or go out for drinks, or even just do a Target run together without kids. And inevitably, someone has to cancel. A kid gets sick, you need to chauffeur someone somewhere, your partner can’t get home in time for you to go out with your girls, and it’s another Friday night stuck in the proverbial trenches. That’s what makes UrbanSitter’s Mom’s Night Out In a Box so brilliant. It’s everything you need to have fun, but without actually having to go out.

Mom’s Night Out in a Box ($149) gives you the parental pampering you oh-so deserve. The box has five fun finds that will actually get you feeling giddy inside. But first, you’ll need to get your glam on. The Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette offers 12 shades to help you bring out those beautiful brown or blue eyes. The makeup is formulated with organic coconut oil and shea butter for a super smooth texture. It even reduces the appearance of fine lines, redness, and wrinkles.

Now, it wouldn’t be a mom’s night out without wine. While you’ll have to supply your own, the Wine Glass Tumbler from Petra Verre is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in a glimmering rose gold color, and is just big enough to have you raising a celebratory glass of rose. The hammered bottom gives it a beautiful design aesthetic, and it can be used for your red and white wines as well as hot chocolate or mulled wine, too.

The Grotta Away Clear Case from Hudson Bleecker is an awesome case that you can use for almost anything. You can store makeup in it, supplies, or even pop it into your purse for a pretty catch-all.

And for the days when you want a statement piece of jewelry, the Rocksbox Glimmer Layered Pendant is perfect. It’s a 3-layered necklace made from gold and crystals, and is so utterly dainty and beautiful that you’ll want to wear it everyday. It can easily go from day to evening, which makes it ideal for those parent/teacher conferences as well as date night with your partner.

Finally, for the night when you actually do get out of the house, UrbanSitter has you covered. As part of the Mom’s Night Out in a Box set, you’ll get a $75 babysitting gift card that you can use to ensure that your kids are safe — and you get to have a good time, too.

Mom’s Night Out in a Box is everything you need for a fun Friday night at home. And with all the fabulosity that’s inside, you might not miss going out — almost.

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