Switchcrafted Makes Your Kid’s Candy Disappear (Without The Tears)

There’s one (and only one) goal that every kid has on Halloween: get as much candy as possible. So after all that trick-or-treating, your kid might come away with a pretty huge haul of Skittles and Milky Way bars. But before you let him eat his way to the bottom of the bag (and a bad tummy ache), introduce him to Switchcrafted, which makes your kid’s candy disappear — without the tears.

Almost every holiday has some sort of fun toy attached to it (think Elf on the Shelf or Peep on a Perch). For Halloween, it’s Switchcrafted, which is a doll and book set which tells the story of the Switch Witches of Halloween. Basically, the witches need your child’s candy to heat their homes and make their brooms fly. And while they have spells for every kind of toy, they don’t have any for the sweet stuff, like lollipops, gummies and chocolates. The Switch Witch swaps out your kid’s Halloween candy, and gives them toys instead.

Switchcrafted comes with a hardcover book that you can read to your child, a witch, and a trick-or-treat bag. The Switch Witch is super cute and not that scary, green-faced, wart-nosed kind that your kid wouldn’t want to hand his hard-earned candy over to.

The Switch Witch can work her magic spell after your child has had some candy from his bag, (and you want to avoid a trip to the dentist). You can either have your child go through his bag and pull out the treats that aren’t tempting, and leave them for the Switch Witch at night. Come morning, he might wake up to find a cool new toy that he’s been wanting. That way, it’s a win/win for you both: less candy for your kiddo to consume, and he gets a toy by learning how to share his candy with the Switch Witch.

And depending on your child’s age, you can always make it fun by telling him while he’s trick-or-treating, “Oh, wow, a full-size Snickers bar! The Switch Witch is going to love that!” In which case, what you really mean is that the Switch Witch (aka you) is going to sink your teeth into that Snickers right after your kid crashes into bed on Halloween night.

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