How Does Mercury In Retrograde Affect Your Parenting? Experts Explain This Planetary Problem

Even on the best days, parenting can feel like a galactic battleground between you and your child. And just when you finally think you’ve got a handle on it all (i.e. your kid is actually listening to you), along comes something as sensational as Mercury in retrograde to mess it all up. But even if you’re not necessarily into astrology, there’s no denying the power of the planets, and in particular, Mercury’s affect on our overall mood during its retrograde. All this can make you wonder how does Mercury in retrograde affect your parenting? It’s more manageable than you might imagine.

About three to four times a year, Mercury will appear to move backwards in the sky, causing it to go into retrograde. While it’s attributed to an optical illusion, the New York Times reported, it can definitely be linked to a lot of looney behavior. “Since Mercury affects technology and communication, don’t be surprised if computers crash, phones get dropped, or homework gets eaten by the dog,” says Jeff Harman, a celebrity astrologer. “On a larger scale, your home could experience power and cable outages.”

But beyond power outages and tech issues, you should be aware of how Mercury, which controls communication, affects your own ability to parent.

Be Patient

For the most part, Mercury in retrograde is going to make communication complicated. So you might find that you get frustrated more easily with your child than you normally would. “During this current Mercury Retrograde, it can help parents to react in a more emotional and nurturing way as opposed to being critical as it can be in some of the other signs,” advises Clarisse Monahan, an astrologer.

Watch Your Words

If you’re already under a lot of stress, it can be super easy to be snippy with your child. But sarcastic or cutting remarks won’t, well, cut it, even during the retrograde. “Mercury also represents how we use our language,” says Monahan. “While Mercury is in Pisces, our tone tends to be softer, which can have a much better effect on reprimanding someone.”

Make The Most Of It

Although it might appear that Mercury in Retrograde is chaotic, it can be quite soothing, especially for parents. “It can actually help with parenting skills as it makes you slow down,” says Monahan. “Right now, Mercury is in Pisces which adds a compassionate edge to this current retrograde, and Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is the planet of inspiration, dreams and receptivity.” That’s why this might be the time to tap into your own inner child and play, create, and dream right along with your kiddos.

Figure Out The Tech

Mercury in retrograde is famous for fouling up technology. The important thing for you to remember as you try to troubleshoot your tech is that it’s only temporary. “What parents need to know during the Mercury Rx phase is that all of those devices we count on daily for our busy world to keep chugging along – cars, computers, phones, etc., will not be running smoothly or quickly,” says Monahan. “These are things we cannot change, but we can manage how we respond.” So take some time to breathe and welcome the calm, so that you can face the frustration in a positive way and work to solve the issue.

Know The Signs

Certain astrological signs will react differently to Mercury in retrograde, and that’s true for parents as well as their kids. So understand how each of your children might be affected by this phenomenon. “If your children were born under the signs governed by Mercury (Virgo/Gemini), the best way to help them is by being patient if they seem out of sorts or ungrounded,” advises Jennifer Gehl, an astro-sound specialist and author of Planetary Signatures in Medicine. “If they’re old enough, you could even share this information with them.” After all, helping your child understand why they might feel uneasy can potentially make them feel better until the planets are all back in perfect order again.

Be Mindful

Although there definitely might be some additional stress during Mercury retrograde, you can try to team up with your kids and get through it together in a way that benefits everyone. “Whatever your practice is for remaining calm and patient, increase it!” says Gehl. “Write, reflect, meditate, or watch a movie, and if all else fails, laugh. Mercury governs mirth, after all.”

While Mercury in retrograde can wreak havoc upon your daily life, that doesn’t mean that your parenting has to fall prey to this planetary problem. Make peace and compassion your daily goals, and just be sure to take it easy on yourself and others. That way, you’ll come out of the retrograde with an even stronger understanding, of both your family and yourself.

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