These 5 Ways To Beat Sunday Night Stress Can Start Your Week Off Right

Your chest starts to tighten, you feel stressed, and waves of worry wash over you. It’s not an anxiety attack (although it might feel like one); it’s just Sunday night. For whatever reason, Sunday nights can still feel like you’re in school, but they don’t have to be. Sunday night stress is a real thing, so help assuage those feelings of uneasiness —and learn to love Sunday nights again— with stress-busting tips from Dr. Melissa McCreery, a clinical psychologist and founder of Too Much On Her Plate.

Start Early

Don’t wait until 9 pm—when you’re already tired—to start planning your week. Instead, consider Sunday dinner night with the family as the official close to the weekend. Savor the meal by having family members mention what their favorite part of the weekend was, and what they are looking forward to for the upcoming week. By pinpointing something positive coming up, it can help adjust your mindset to be excited for what’s ahead…without worrying about it.

Write It Down

Having to mentally juggle your kid’s hockey schedule, orthodontist appointments and that big sales meeting can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Take ten minutes to jot down your to-dos for the week on a piece of paper. To make the list more manageable, separate it into a priority list (i.e. taking the car to the mechanic to fix those squeaky brakes) and a wish list (i.e. finish organizing your closet). Once you see what has to be done — as opposed what you’d like to done — it all seems a lot less terrifying.

Regulate Your Routine

Your brain thrives on consistency, so try not to switch up your routine too much come Sunday. Fight the urge to cram a lot of extra activities into Sunday night in an attempt to get it all done. And above all, keep it consistent. Having a somewhat set schedule can be relaxing and comforting, which will foster a positive —and peaceful— mindset.

Ask For Help

Look through your list and assign chores to your kids based on their ages and abilities. Taking the burden of dusting, dishes and doing laundry off your plate will not only help your kids learn responsibility, but it will free up your time as well. Make it fun for the family by playing music while everyone pitches in. There is nothing stated that you have to do it all, and by trying to take it all on yourself, you’re only depleting your most important resource: yourself.

Schedule Time For Yourself

After the kids are in bed, spend some time pampering yourself, even if it’s just for ten mere minutes. It should be something that helps you relax, like organizing (planning your outfits or packing your kids’ lunches) or pampering (soaking in a soothing bath). Whatever it is, be sure to end your day in a way that calms, centers, and nourishes you.

Sunday night stress can make the upcoming week look bleak, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporate some stress reducers into Sundays (and every day, really) to not just beat the Sunday night blues, but make your Sundays more soothing.

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