2020 Holiday Toys For Everyone On The Nice List

Tis the season…for toys! After the crazy year that 2020 has been, it’s important to look to the holidays for inspiration, hope—and entertainment, too! And these 2020 holiday toys for all the good little boys and girls are sure to make the holidays merry and bright again.

Let’s face it: a present is a perfect pick-me-up, and if there was ever a year that needed it, it’s 2020. These toys, ranging from creative and calming, to silly and fun, (and even nostalgic), are bound to please anyone on the nice list. Who knows, you might yourself wanting to play with them, too!

Here are the 2020 holiday toys that your kids will have a blast playing with.

Pocket Brainteasers 4-T Puzzle

Putting the pieces together will be a breeze for your kiddo when they play with the 4-T Puzzle Brainteaser from ThinkFun ($8.99). Kids can learn how to think critically as they apply reasoning to solve the puzzle. Meant for ages 8 and up, the puzzle is designed to make kids use visual perception to put all the T’s back into a small frame—without getting frustrated.

My First Rush Hour

Being stuck in traffic doesn’t seem like fun and games—unless you’re playing with My First Rush Hour ($23.99). Kids will learn how to drive the red Hero Car through the maze of traffic—and off to the Exit—to win. The game is for kids ages 3 and up, and has 30 challenge levels, each one made to test your kiddo’s ability to beat traffic by using shape and color identification skills.

Escape The Room: The Cursed Dollhouse

Escape rooms are so much fun—except that you can’t really go to one this year. (Thanks, Covid.) But now you can escape (ha) by playing Escape The Room: The Cursed Dollhouse ($42.99). Build your own escape room to figure out if Mr. Garrity has something to do with all of those child disappearances. Each of the rooms (which has 3D furniture) holds clues into the mystery of the dollhouse that glows from Mr. Garrity’s shed at night. For ages 13 and up, your kids will have a blast figuring out the clues, and if they get stuck, there’s an online hint system to help them out.


Forget about boring fidget toys. Marmals ($25) are a cool toy that allows for complete creativity while providing calmness and the ability to concentrate, too. Each Marmal is in effect a blank slate—your child can customize their toy with anything from markers to pencils, and even paints—while still providing a soothing experience that helps with sensory awareness.

Mega Mouth: The Game of Reading Lips

Thought your kid had a big mouth? Well, get ready to see it magnified even more with Mega Mouth ($15.99). In this game, players will pick a category card, hold up the mega magnifier to their mouth, and silently speak the word. Teams win by guessing the most correct answers. Reading lips has never been more fun—or magnificently massive.

Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack

You’ve always warned your kiddo about playing with their food. But in Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack, playing with food is encouraged—and the key to winning! Collecting as much ketchup as they can is the goal for the Heinz Ketchup Dice Game, while being the last one with leftover noodles (which you’ll need for mac n cheese) is the way to win Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Game. Slap-happy kids will love the Jell-o Jiggler Slap Game, which lets you slap the JELL-O Jiggler card—and not, you know, their siblings.

Gel Blaster Surge

Safe water gun fun is the name of the game with the Gel Blaster Surge. The non-toxic, water-based Gellets are biodegradable, and explode upon contact. Best part: you won’t have to worry about your kiddo’s clothes, since they evaporate immediately, without leaving a big mess behind. A rechargeable battery allows for up to 4-5 hours of shooting time. The set includes safety goggles so you won’t have to worry about someone shooting their eye out.

Disney Doorables Multi-Peek Pack Series 4

The unboxing craze takes on a whole new level of adorableness with the Disney Doorables Mult-Peek Pack Series 4 ($16.99). Your child can open the door to a whole new world of wonder—and a Disney Doorable collectibe figure that measures a precious 1.5 inches tall. They might find a character from Beauty and the Beast, to The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Lilo and Stitch, and so many more. There are 62 cute characters to collect in all.

Sensory FX ASMR Mega Bar

If you’ve seen any ASMR videos, then you know how utterly relaxing (and addicting) they can be. Now your child can create their own unique ASMR experience with the Sensory FX ASMR Mega Bar ($19.88). The set comes with two sensory bars, Crease and Click, as well as two activator picks for making made-up sounds. Using the recording station, your child can create and record their own sounds, setting the pace as sound engineers by making the tempo go slow or fast. The toy is geared for ages 4 and up, and even includes a headphone jack so that your kiddo can listen to the sounds they created for the ultimate in ASMR relaxation.

Ryan’s World Vending Surprise

Hitting up the vending machine has never been more fun than with Ryan’s World Vending Surprise. The working vending machine is easy to use: simply insert coins into the Combo Panda and your child can select their snack. It might be chips (with a mini fig inside), or water bottles that are filled with (ack) slime. There are also pieces for a Ryan build-it figure hidden within the treats, too. And with its lid, you can add new snacks (read: edible ones) into the vending machine for even more hours of play.


Looking for a totally awesome retro toy? Look no further than Slinky ($3.89), the metal spring toy that has been a classic for over 75 years. Your child can have a blast making their Slinky “walk”, or slink its way downstairs. Pair them up, and you have a race to see which Slinky wiggles its way into first place—and your child’s heart.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Rocker Boi and Punk Grrrl 2-Pack

Unboxing has taken on twice the fun with the L.OL. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Rocker Boi and Punk Grrrl 2-Pack ($49.99). Inside all that fun unpackaging you’ll find not just one but two fashion dolls—Punk Grrrl and Rocker Boi, who happens to be the first L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. boy fashion doll, (and big bro to fan fave, Rocker). And what’s not to love, with his long, lush locks, Flying V Guitar, and distressed denim jacket. And as for Punk Grrrl (sis to Punk Boi), she has a fab faux hawk, rock star glam, and a guitar, too. Between Rocker Boi and Punk Grrrl, your kids will definitely want to rock out, too.


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