30 Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions & Answers To Show The Love

There is so much to love about Valentine’s Day — literally. From the candy you can consume to the cute V Day-themed crafts you can make with your kid, it’s the perfect time to show that someone special (whether it’s your partner, your parents, your child, or even your BFF) how much they mean to you. But beyond flowers and fun things to eat, what do you really know about the holiday? If you want to discover more about this darling day, these Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers can make February 14 feel even more like a total lovefest.

There’s never a wrong time to toss out some trivia about Valentine’s Day. For starters, did you know that there’s an actual wall that says, “I love you” in 311 languages in France? Or that candy conversation hearts didn’t get their heart shape until 1902? Or that red roses are the most popular color for people to purchase on Valentine’s Day? Well, you probably knew that, but perhaps you should read the rest of these Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers so that you can learn a lot more about this lovely holiday and share the knowledge with those who you love the most.

Question: What were Sweethearts candy originally made to be?

Answer: Medical lozenges

Question: When was the first known Valentine’s Day message sent?

Answer: 1415

Question: What color roses are the most popular sold for Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Red

Question: Which candy came before conversation hearts, but is still popular today?

Answer: Necco Wafers

Question: What herb was believed by English women in the 1700s to bring good luck for Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Bay leaves

Question: When was Valentine’s Day first declared to be celebrated on Feb. 14?

Answer: 1537

Question: In which year was the first box of Valentine’s Day chocolate produced?

Answer: 1868

Question: Apart from Valentine’s Day, when is the next most popular flower purchasing day?

Answer: Mother’s Day

Question: In which country is Feb. 14 called “Friend’s Day?”

Answer: Finland

Question: What form was the first-known Valentine’s Day message in?

Answer: A poem

Question: Approximately how many heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine’s Day each year?

Answer: 35 million

Question: When did Hallmark first start selling Valentine’s Day cards?

Answer: 1913

Question: What percentage of Valentine’s Day candy sold is chocolate?

Answer: 75%

Question: About how many roses are purchased each year for Valentine’s Day?

Answer: 50 million

Question: What is the most popular non-chocolate Valentine’s Day candy?

Answer: Conversation hearts

Question: Who invented the first-known Valentine’s Day box of candy?

Answer: Richard Cadbury

Question: How much do Americans typically spend on jewelry each Valentine’s Day?

Answer: $4.1 billion

Question: Which is the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Roses

Question: What is the most popular type of Valentine’s Day candy in the United States?

Answer: Chocolate

Question: What state produces the most roses?

Answer: California

Question: In Victoria England, what were cards sent to keep away unwanted attention called?

Answer: Vinegar Valentine’s

Question: Valentine’s Day was first declared a holiday by which pope?

Answer: Gelasius I

Question: Approximately how many greeting cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: 145 million

Question: How much do Americans spend on Valentine’s Day chocolate each year?

Answer: $1 billion

Question: Which U.S. state has the highest number of chocolate makers?

Answer: California

Question: Who added wings and a bow to Cupid’s portrait?

Answer: Renaissance-era painters

Question: How many people purchase Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets each year?

Answer: 9 million

Question: Who is believed to have started the tradition of sending Valentine’s Day flowers?

Answer: King Charles II of Sweden

Question: Where did Valentine’s Day originate?

Answer: Europe

Question: Which flavor of chocolate is most popular in chocolate boxes?

Answer: Caramel

So no matter if you’re making a meal together, riding in the car, or even include them in your kid’s lunchbox, try out some of these Valentine’s Day trivia questions and answers. They’re guaranteed to foster a love for learning — and for each other, too.

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