15 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

While you might think that Valentine’s Day gift-giving is solely for your sweetie, you might be wrong. February 14 is a fabulous time to show everyone in your life how much they mean to you —especially your children. And what better way to share the love than with some Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that are sweet and special, just like they are.

But wait, you think. Didn’t the kiddos just get gifts a few weeks ago for the holidays? Well, yes. Thing is, Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are different in that they don’t have to be big-budget items and they don’t have to be wrapped (although a little red ribbon tied around it could be cute). They’re simply meant to be a sweet way to show how much you love your little ones. And since Valentine’s Day is more synonymous with sweets than, say, gifts, your child won’t be expecting anything, which makes receiving the present even more meaningful.


Carrera First Mario Kart – Slot Car Race Track

The Carrera First Mario Kart – Slot Car Race Track game will finally answer the age-old question: who is faster, Mario or Yoshi? Only your child will know as they race Mario, the mustachioed Italian, against Yoshi, the daring dinosaur, around the track which takes lots of twists and turns. It’s a fun, non-tech time that will teach your child to master their racing skills and win the race.

Kids Art Box

Your mini Matisse will love getting the Kids Art Box for Valentine’s Day. The art subscription box is ideal for ages 3-18+ and comes with cool art supplies to allow your child to explore various artistic styles each month. There are five fun activities in each box, including three art projects, one science project, and a visual recipe. various subscription plans to keep your kid learning and creating.

Two Sisters Spa Valentine’s Day Bath Bombs

You won’t have to coax your kid into the tub when you bring the bath bombs to tub time. The Two Sisters Spa Valentines’ Bath Bombs come in six fun scents like Rainbow Sherbet, Citrus, Tropical Fruit, Fruit Loops, Berry, and Grape. In addition to the scentsational smell, there’s a surprise squishy toy inside of each bath bomb. Best part: the bath bombs are kid-safe, since they’re all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free using USA-sourced ingredients. It just might keep your kiddo in the tub a little longer — and get them to scrub behind their ears, too.

Yipes! Wipes Messy Crafts Box

Sure, you’d love your kid to do a craft, but the cleanup afterwards can be a big bummer. Well, don’t let a potential mess “mess” with your child having fun, especially when you get the Yipes! Messy Crafts Box. The big yellow box of fun includes face and hand wipes, kids washable paint, fabric markers and a DIY canvas drawstring backpack to doodle on, plus playdough slime, a paint cup and brush, jumbo chalk, activity books, and crayons. And when your kid is done crafting, you can break out the baking tins and whip up some chocolate brownies and drink some organic hot cocoa, since the mixes also come in this ultra cool craft box. For once, you just might not mind the mess, especially since you’ll be making so many fun memories — and tasty treats, too.

Chips Ahoy Cookie Pop


There are so many yummy treats to be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day. But if you really want to give your child’s lunchbox some love, stick some Chips Ahoy Cookie Pop in their snack bag. This decadent dessert, a mélange of popcorn and Chips Ahoy cookies, is everything you’d want it to be — and more. It’s sweet, savory, and so, so good. And if you’re craving candy, there’s also Candy Pop in flavors like M&M’s Minis, Butterfinger, Twix, and (swoon) Snickers. A portion of the sales go towards SNAX-Sational’s ongoing partnership with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Children’s Hospitals nationwide, but they’re only available for a limited time, so be sure to stock up before they’re gone.

ScenTies Stretch & Sniff

Move over, scratch ‘n sniff stickers. The ScenTies hair ties smell even better than the sweet scent of your child’s head. In fact, they come in yummy flavors like strawberry, watermelon, bubblegum, and even cupcake. While your child might like their pony tied up in a sour apple-scented hair tie, it’s the scrunchies that your 80s-loving heart will fall in love with.

Hello Kitty Organic Heart Sheet Set

Hello Kitty just might be the coolest cat in the world. And that’s what makes this Hello Kitty Organic Heart Sheet Set from Pottery Barn Teen so purr-fect. It’s made from pure 100% organic cotton and the set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and a pillowcase, all of which are covered in the Hello Kitty and heart print. Sweet dreams are a total guarantee.

Red Toolbox’s Tasty Jr. Donut Shop Set

Sure, you can do a Dunkin drive-thru donut run, or you can whip up some delish pretend donuts with the Tasty Jr. Donut Shop Set. Your child can sell their confections to eager customers who might be craving a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles, or one slathered in strawberry frosting. They can even use the cart to sell other treats, too. You’ll need three AA batteries to make this donut shop a sweet success.

Xander the Gray T-Rex Squishmallow

You might think of T-Rexes as terrifying, but not Xander the Gray T-Rex. This Valentine’s Day Squishmallow is totally cute, especially with his shiny iridescent heart, big smile, and squishy nature. He’s the perfect plush to play with for Valentine’s Day, because nighttime terrors are no match for this cuddly (and toothy) T-Rex.

Bluey: Big Backyard: A Coloring Book

Let us count all the ways that we love Bluey. The gentle and all-too-relatable Australian preschool animated series features Bluey, a Blue Heeler puppy, along with her sister, Bingo, and Mum and Dad. So if your child adores Bluey “For real life!?”, you’ll want to get them this Bluey coloring book. There are 64 pages for your kid to color in — and more importantly, keep them occupied.

My Valentine Matching Family Pajamas

Your child will know how loved they are when they wear these Hanna Andersson’s My Valentine Matching Family Pajamas. The gender-neutral organic combed cotton rib knit PJs feature X’s and O’s all over them, along with 80’s-inspired hearts that have a total Minecraft vibe. But it’s the word “Loved” that is on the pajamas that will serve as a reminder that as they go to sleep, your child is loved beyond measure, both on Valentine’s Day and always. And woot, you can wear the same ones, too, because twinning on V-Day is totally lovely.

Candy Land

If ever there were a quintessential game that would be sweet to play on Valentine’s Day, Candy Land would be it. It’s one of the first board games that your child will probably play and breaking out the board will definitely give you some serious nostalgic vibes. You know how to play the game: Pick your colorful gingerbread man pawn and move along the path as you race to the castle. It’s a great game for children to help them learn their colors, comprehend the idea of taking turns, and (hopefully) understand that while winning isn’t everything, it’s most important to play with the people you love the most.

Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts Book

Yes, you could read a Valentine’s Day book for kids that is syrupy and sweet — or you can read Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts. For kids who love fart jokes, the story of Harvey, who’s a gassy little guy, will definitely elicit some giggles. But the story’s theme of friendship and acceptance is something that your kid will toot-ally enjoy.

Baby Construction Valentine’s Day Jersey Tee

You don’t have to dig too deep to show your child you love them. On Valentine’s Day, you can give your kid this cute construction-themed jersey tee from Carter’s. It’s made from a cotton jersey that will feel so soft on your sweetie’s skin. Pair it with a pair of jeans or soft joggers to make your little one look like a heartthrob.

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Heart Box Wooden Craft Kit

Your child can store their most prized possessions in the Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Heart Box Wooden Craft Kit. The kit comes with a wooden heart box, 12 gem stickers, pots of paint, glitter glue, and a paintbrush. They can store tiny trinkets in the box or use it to safeguard other items, like jewelry and accessories as well.

Whether you’re buying a gift for your baby, toddler, tween or teen, these Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are so sweet that your child will definitely feel the love.

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