5 New Year’s Room Organization Ideas That Are Easy To Pull Off

It’s the New Year, and at the top of almost everyone’s list is the desire to get more organized. After all, searching through your stuff each and every day can be stressful– and a waste of time, too. And since you don’t want to start your day frustrated while you look for your car keys (again), you’ll need to implement some room organization ideas that are totally doable.

Let’s be honest: getting organized can be very overwhelming. It’s not just stuff that you’re moving around, but the memories attached to the items, too. That’s why you should take your time when you decide to organize your room once and for all. But once you do get your space in order, you’ll instantly feel calmer and happier. So read through these five room organization ideas to make your day (and year) go smoothly.

Declutter Your Room

It’s almost impossible to organize your room when you have So. Much. Stuff. So before you even begin the organizing process, you’ll first need to declutter your room. Since that can be a completely overwhelming process, you might need to break down the process over several hours–or even days. Start with a small area in your room and begin working from there. Make three piles: keep, toss, donate, and be very realistic about what you’re going to keep. If you haven’t used it or worn it in six months, it’s time to go.

Use Baskets For Storage

Having beautiful pillows on your bed might be dreamy, but tossing them onto the floor at night can be a nightmare. To keep clutter to a minimum (and to maintain floor space), invest in some storage baskets. You can store your pillow there, which will keep them safe and contained, and you can easily collect them in the morning when you make your bed again.

Utilize Your Space

Almost every piece of furniture in your home should do double duty, and the items you have in your bedroom are no exception. If storage is lacking, look to investing in a bed that offers ample space underneath to store seasonal items. You can even use a table to serve as both a desk and store items below. That way, you won’t have clutter creeping up on you in your bedroom, and it will make your space feel more zen.

Use Labels

It’s easy for your space to get messy when there’s no clear clutter control system in place. One way to keep your room organized is by labeling stuff. Labeling makes it almost impossible for errant items to find a new home because they already have a well-defined place to go. You might opt for permanent labels to put on baskets, or you might use chalkboard labels for containers that may be used for different items in the future.

Focus On Function

Sure, you might be organizing your bedroom, for example, but maybe you also work from there, too. So think about room organization in terms of how the space functions. If you have a room in your home that has multiple purposes (and many people do), you’ll need to structure the space accordingly. One way to achieve this is by setting up specific areas to cater to your needs. Then, find the furniture or storage items that match the purpose of that area.

Room organization doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging. Start small and make steady, consistent changes, and soon you’ll find that organization can be effortless. It might even make you want tackle your closets, too!

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