How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Design In Your Home

The modern farmhouse look has become one of the most popular design styles of late, and it’s not hard to see why. With its focus on hearth and home, it encompasses charm and coziness, but is also sophisticated enough to welcome guests at a moment’s notice. It’s unstuffy yet highly designed, and just makes you want to kick off your shoes and truly relax in your space. If you’re looking to create a modern farmhouse design in your home, it’s actually quite attainable…and utterly beautiful.

Cue The Comfy

One thing about the modern farmhouse design is that it’s anything but stuffy. In fact, the look lends itself more to comfy and cozy than anything else. So think big couches that you can sink into, rather than a chair that looks more like a mid-century modern design. Add amazing pillows and sumptuous throws in various textures, and your space will truly look inviting.

Go Neutral

The modern farmhouse look isn’t big on color and contrast. Instead, you’ll find a very neutral palette comprised of warm hues of beige, browns, taupes, and creams. The good thing about this look is that it really can go with anything, so if you do have an heirloom or other treasured item that you want to incorporate, it will be much easier to do so with all of the natural colors in your space.

Embrace The Imperfections

Much of the modern farmhouse look lends itself to handmade items. And as such, there really isn’t a focus on exact lines, or that every item in the room is a perfect match. This style appreciates all the dings and slight imperfections that come with handmade items.

Mix Your Materials

If you thought that the modern farmhouse design was all about wood, think again. While wood (especially aged wood) plays a big part in the overall aesthetic, it’s not the only natural component you’ll find. Many times, you’ll find metals and other materials that blend in beautifully with wood elements. That’s why you might find wooden beams being showcased in a room that also sports poured concrete floors.

Keep It Clear

The one thing that stands out about the modern farmhouse look is that it’s not littered with stuff. Actually, it kind of borders on a minimalistic style, but not in a stark or cold manner. Although it will incorporate antique finds or heirloom items, they’re displayed in a thoughtful and restrained way. This allows the item (and really, the room) to shine in a whole new light.

The modern farmhouse design truly has a little bit of everything. It has neutrals, various materials, and a contemporary, clean look with an ode to home and family. It’s country chic without being cliched, and is overall a look that’s fairly easy to master if you want to make the modern farmhouse low-key look a part of your home’s aesthetic.

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