Just Jennifer: Don’t Stop Believing



Celebrity Parents Magazine is celebrating its fifth anniversary in a few days. I honestly can’t believe how far my little idea has come. The success of this magazine has far exceeded even what I dreamt it would be.

And to think, it almost never happened.

You see, when you have an idea —and I mean a Big Idea— almost everyone will shoot it down. They will tell you that you’re wasting your time, that it’s silly, etc. They will talk you out of it, playing to the already seductive whispers in your own head telling you that you can’t do it.

The worst of it all is that the naysayers will come in the form of the people closest to you. You trust their judgment; you trust their instincts, sometimes to the detriment of your own. You’ll talk yourself out of your Idea even before it’s even had a chance to begin.

The thing is, it’s already begun.

Once you have an Idea, it’s hard to forget about it. It’s a seed planted—and it wants to grow.

So you have two choices. You can either let it wither and die…and a teensy tiny part of you dies along with it. Or you pay no mind to the pessimists, grab your watering can, and you keep tending to your Idea. You may see nothing happen for a long, long while, just a lot of work with seemingly no results. But below the surface, a lot is happening. And then, suddenly, you’ll see little green stems of success breaking through.

This is your own breakthrough.

You can’t stop there, though. You’ll need to keep working diligently—perhaps harder than you ever have in your entire life—in order to bring your Idea to fruition. You’ll need to keep striving, focusing your efforts and believing. Believing that the Idea in your mind came to you (and only you) for a reason.

After all, your Idea is inherently tied to your purpose, and it is up to you to fight for it, to make it become what it—and you—are both meant to become.

It means moving forward, dreaming big, and although faith may falter, to never, ever stop believing.

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