These Tooth Fairy Pillows For Kids Are Pretty Floss-Some

For some kids, losing a tooth can be traumatic. There’s all that wiggling that can make you feel wonky, and then there’s the feels-like-forever time period when the tooth is hanging on by a tiny thread. And when it eventually comes out, there’s bound to be a little blood — and possibly some pain, too. But having something to look forward to (like having a sweet spot to store their tooth) can give your child something to look forward to. And these tooth fairy pillows for kids can help soothe away the scaries.

Although your child can start losing their teeth at any age, you can expect to start seeing your child sporting a toothless smile when they start school, says Dr. Erin Issac, DMD, a board-certified pediatric dentist. “Around kindergarten to first grade is when you can expect first teeth to fall out,” she says. “Usually the lower central incisors (AKA the bottom front middle teeth) are the first ones to come out, although sometimes it can be the top front ones.” And when they do, you can tuck the tooth into a pillow for safe keeping — and so that your child can score some cash for that cuspid.

A Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow

If your child ever wondered what the Tooth Fairy looks like, they’ll love this sweet pillow from Personalization Mall. The Tooth Fairy has a precious tooth-shaped purse which can hold your child’s tooth, and then be used to tuck in a gift or money while your child is sleeping. The pillow can be personalized with your kiddo’s name which makes it even more sweet and sentimental.

A Tooth Fairy Pillow That Gets The Gold Star

Your child will feel like they’re sleeping among the stars when they place their tooth inside the Pillowfort pillow from Target. Featuring a smiling tooth stitched on top of blue fabric with gold stars, the easy-to-hang pillow can adorn their bedroom door or even be put underneath your child’s pillow. A small pocket holds your tot’s treasure until the Tooth Fairy comes to visit.


A Tooth Fairy Pillow That’s Perfect For Pirouettes

When your budding ballerina loses their tooth when they bang it on the barre, this pillow will be as perfect as their plie. Unlike other pillows, this one from Anthropologie has a pocket for the Tooth Fairy to pop out of. Your tiny dancer just might be tempted to tendu with the adorable doll.


A Superhero Tooth Fairy Pillow

Your child will be feeling pretty triumphant when their tooth is finally out. Show your support of their superhero powers by getting them this pillow gift set from Tickle & Main. This interactive experience includes a masked cape crusader complete with a wallet to hold a photo of your kid, along with notes that are sweetly sentimental. As for the tooth, your child can put theirs in a cutely concealed cape pocket.


A Pirate Tooth Fairy Pillow

A tooth that just won’t come out might make you want to walk the plank out of frustration, but when it does, you can use this precocious pirate tooth fairy pillow. The hand stitched pillow has a nostalgic vibe and is cute enough to cuddle with. Use the pocket to store the tooth and send a report to the Tooth Fairy to let her know which tooth it was and how it became loose. In turn, your child will receive a note from the Tooth Fairy offering her own inspection of the tooth and, shiver me timbers, the payment total, too.


A Tooth Fairy Pillow That You’ll Want To Take A Bite Of

Sure, your little sweetie’s smile is even cuter now that they’re missing a tooth. That’s why you’ll want to get this shark tooth fairy pillow from Etsy seller KaysweetLee. The pillow, which can be personalized with your child’s name, has an adorable shark that’s missing their top tooth. You’ll also get to choose the ribbon color that allows you to hang the pillow on a bedframe or door. Just don’t forget to take the tooth and put it inside the nautically inspired pocket.


A Wooden Tooth Fairy Box To Hold Those Wobbly Teeth


Pillows can be a perfect way to hold your child’s tooth, but what about a wooden box? That’s right, you can place that baby tooth inside either of these two wooden tooth fairy keepsake boxes on Amazon. They feature a flower fairy and unicorn, respectively, and at 2 x ¼ inches each, they’re adorably itty bitty. Use them to transfer your child’s teeth to the Tooth Fairy, or as a keepsake box when your babe is bigger.


A Japanese Doll Tooth Fairy Pillow That’s Absolutely Enchanting

You can practically smell the Japanese cherry blossoms in the air when you hang this tooth fairy pillow in your child’s bedroom. (Or maybe it’s Bath & Body Works.) Either way, this delicate pillow will only add to the décor of your child’s bedroom. A purple ribbon matches the front pocket that can be used to hold the tooth and a special note to the Tooth Fairy herself.


A Tooth Fairy Pillow That’s Tutu Cute


Losing your first tooth should be a celebration, and that’s just what this happy little tooth fairy pillow does. Reminiscent of a unicorn cake, the pillow has a golden crown and wand, with matching gold wings. A colorful rainbow tutu with golden stars completes the look. The only thing missing: your child’s tooth.


A Tooth Fairy Door Hanger

Let’s say that your child doesn’t like the idea of the Tooth Fairy picking up their pillow and pushing their head around to find their tooth underneath. (We get it.) For the kid who wants a solid eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, this door hanger does the job just as well. Simply stick the tooth inside the pouch, close it up, hang it on the door, and you’re done.

Just like the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy can be such a magical part of childhood. And by creating traditions (such as using a tooth fairy pillow when your kiddo loses a tooth), you’ll show them that the process of growing up can be pretty teeth-rific.

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