This Is The Lucky Number For 2024 — And How To Teach Your Child The Importance Of This Integer

What is it about the start of a New Year that can make you feel like absolutely anything is possible? Well, it can be, if you know what the lucky number is for 2024. But it’s not enough to know the lucky number for 2024, but how to apply it to every part of your life — particularly your parenting skills. So whether you’re looking for some new parenting strategies or simply want a refresh, you’re in luck, because the lucky number for 2024 is pretty, ahem, great. 

“According to numerology, each new year ushers in new energy—a fresh surge for potential to change and improve life,” explains Carmen Harra, a numerologist and intuitive psychologist. “In terms of the year we’ve just entered, 2024 carries the vibration of number 8 (2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8).”

As it turns out, eight is a pretty powerful number, affecting everything from how you handle the present as well as learn lessons from the past that can be applied to the future. “Number 8 is associated with notions of repetition, karma, memory, and resolution of past actions,” adds Harra. “It strongly correlates to passion and authenticity—performing actions that radiate from the seat of one’s soul.” And if all that weren’t enough, the number 8 is connected to inner strength that is created from confidence. The best part is that you can harness all of that amazing energy and teach your child why the lucky number of 2024 can set them up for success in the future. 

It Teaches Them Problem Solving

Family squabbles can occur at any time, but 2024 just might be the year when you revisit your relationships. “A year 8 is the perfect time to resolve old problems in your family, whether they be with your spouse of mother-in-law, because what comes to a close in a year 8 stays that way,” explains Harra. That doesn’t always mean a happily ever after ending between you and your cousins but it shows your child the importance of boundary setting and understanding that problems should be addressed in order to move forward. 

It Teaches Them To Forgive

Old hurts can, well, hurt. Thing is, you don’t always have to steel yourself against their sting. Come 2024, you might want to find ways to forgive, if not for the other person’s sake, but your own. “Because the number 8 resonates with wisdom and compassion, this is a prime year to blame less and forgive more,” says Harra. “Tame your emotions little by little, so that you become an example for your children on how not become upset over the littlest thing.” Forgiveness is inherently connected to your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. Use examples to show your child why forgiving someone will always work out in your favor. 

It Teaches Them To Be Disciplined

It can be hard to get your child to eat their veggies when they see you eating a very beige diet. Since kids are the ultimate monkey see, monkey doers, 2024 can be the year when you decide to be disciplined — for your sake as well as theirs. “As every parent knows, kids don’t do what we tell them—they do what they see being done around them,” adds Harra. “Therefore, the more you lead with discipline, the more they will, too.” So keep an eye on your actions to ensure that what you say and what you do are in total alignment. It might be as easy as taking your kiddo to the playground because you promised you would.


It Teaches Them To Be Who They Really Are

Your child is trying to channel their inner Stereotypical Barbie (when they’re more like Weird Barbie). Helping your child learn to love themselves exactly as who they are starts when they’re young, and that’s where number 8 can come in handy, “Show your young ones the value of being authentic and unique, instead of going along with trends and topics that everyone else is engaging in,” says Harra. “Introduce them to arts like classical music, playing an instrument, and reading books that will highlight the importance of being different from everyone else.”

It Teaches Them To Be Powerful

Confidence is key when it comes to learning life lessons, but you don’t want to wait until your kid is a tween to teach them those skills. The lucky number of 2024 has the ability to allow your child to understand that greatness comes from within — and not being the loudest or most arrogant in their history class. “Teach your children to be powerful this year, but in a soft and passive sort of way,” says Harra. “True inner strength is  confident and kind.” Sure, there will be moments when they’ll have to stand up for themselves, but they can do it in a way that stays true to who they truly are. 

2024 not only brings about hope, but also the chance to teach your child values such as discipline, authenticity, forgiveness, and more. So make the most of the new year by finding a way to factor in this figure and you’ll see how much the lucky number of 2024 plays a positive role in your life as well as your child’s, too.

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