15 Classroom Valentines To Show Some Scholarly Love

Your child really likes (most of) the fellow students in their class, their science teacher — and even those sloppy joes they serve up at school, too. So why not make it even more lovely by having your kid pick out some classroom Valentines to share with everyone? These options (from Minecraft to mochi) will make everyone feel the love. 

If your child is in elementary school on February 14, you might be wondering, “What do you give your class for Valentine’s Day?” After all, sweets and treats might be tempting, but they can sometimes pose a health hazard to other kids if they contain allergens. And that’s where classroom Valentines come in. Usually bought in bulk, you can often buy enough for the entire class, (you don’t want to leave anyone out of the lovefest), and most are under $20. Classroom Valentines almost always have a “To” and “From” part of the card, and some even come with an added gift, like a themed pencil, or even a tiny toy. 

So if you’re trying to figure out how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school, starting with some cute cards that are one in a chameleon.  

Animal button classroom Valentines

It just makes “scents” to get these animal-themed Valentines from Oriental Trading. The 24-pack comes with a card and a button featuring an animal’s face, like a bunny, owl, fox, and more. After kids have read the card, they can pin the button to their backpack so they can always feel loved. 

Puppy cookie classroom Valentines

If it’s okay with your child’s teacher, you can send in these doggone delicious puppy treat classroom Valentines. Coming in a 30-pack, the vanilla shortbread animal cookies come in the shape of puppies and X’s and O’s and are coated in pink and white frosting. Sprinkles complete this cute classroom Valentines treat that the kids will fall in love with.

Operation game classroom Valentines

Your kid will be a smooth operator when they gift these Operation-themed classroom Valentines to their classmates. Featuring the popular game board, kids will have to become successful surgeons to complete these creative Valentines cards.

A slimy classroom Valentines

There’s no better way to show your love than with some slime. This 28-piece slime-filled set from Shein comes with cards and small heart-shaped containers. Each one contains a different colored sparkly slime that is sure to thrill kids — and piss off parents.

Kid-friendly food themed classroom Valentines

Donut you just love Valentine’s Day? Kids will know the answer when they get these funny kid food classroom Valentines. From pizza and fries to a vanilla ice cream cone, these cards are oh-so-yummy.

Fidget classroom Valentines

When your child can’t wait to share their Valentines with the rest of the class, they can channel their excitement fidget-themed classroom Valentines. The 24-piece set comes with a card and a small rainbow fidget toy in the shape of butterflies, unicorns, robots, and bears.

Classroom Valentines that come with a rainbow pencil

If these animal Valentines on Amazon weren’t cute enough, they come with a rainbow pencil, too. There are four animals that are included in this 24-pack set, but they’re not your average unicorn, cat, llama, and narwhal, though. Once you insert the rainbow pencil, the cat becomes a caticorn, the llama a llamacorn, and the narwhal, well, a narwhalcorn for a totally cute classroom Valentine.

LEGO-esque classroom Valentines

Most of the classroom Valentines you’ll find are of the paper and pencil variety. But this one on Amazon is built on the idea of, well, building. This LEGO-esque 28-pack gives classmates the chance to show their love for their favorite foods like burgers, pizza, fries — even ice cream and hot dogs.

Car classroom Valentines

Everyone’s hearts will be racing when your kid hands out these classroom Valentines with cars. There are 28 different cars to choose from in this cool set. All they’ll need to do is pull back the cars and watch them race around the classroom — probably to the chagrin of your child’s teacher.

Mochi classroom Valentines

They’re squishy and so cute. So make room for some mochi in your child’s classroom Valentines. From rabbits, frogs, pandas, and cats, there are so many cuddly critters that your child will love in this 28-piece set that is sure to get a lot of love from the other kids.

Classroom Valentines for young gamers

No need to level up when your child gives out these gamer classroom Valentines. In this 16-piece set which looks just like a gaming console, kids can scratch their Valentines to reveal a funny phrase underneath.

Minecraft classroom Valentines

When your kid can’t get enough of Minecraft, you’ll need to get them this set, which comes with cards, stickers, and even a mailbox to put all of them in. Take that, Creeper.

Classroom Valentines that are a total joke — in a good way


What do you call candy that sings? You’ll find out when you get these joke-filled classroom Valentines. The 24-pack has funny jokes whose answers can only be revealed when your child scratches them off.

Classroom Valentines that will give you something to chew on

Kids will have a bubbletastic time with these classroom Valentines. From Etsy seller thatpartygirl, you can have the card personalized with your child’s name on it. But get ready to buy some gum, since these classroom cards are sold separately.

Slap bracelet classroom Valentines

These slap bracelet classroom Valentines are so much fun, they’ll make you want to slap your, well, someone. (Although you should never do that.) But these classroom Valentines that come with love-themed  slap bracelets from Etsy seller CMCgoods can be personalized with your child’s name on it. And that makes them one in a melon.

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