Supermodel Angie Everhart Talks About Pregnancy, Her Partnership With Palmer’s, And Her Crazy Egg Salad Cravings

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Angie Everhart is truly a model mom-to-be! As the new face for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula pregnancy products, Angie, 39, spoke to Celebrity Parents about her baby boy (due in 5 days!), her safari rock-themed nursery, and why a scheduled C-section has its perks!

Angie, you’re due in five days! How are you feeling?

I feel great. I do feel like I’ve swallowed a beach ball with a puppy in it, though!

How did you become involved with Palmer’s?

When I first found out I was pregnant, I went to the pharmacy, and there weren’t too many products that feature a pregnant woman on the packaging. Palmer’s does, and it immediately caught my eye. I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula anti-stretch mark cream; I’ve used it during the entire pregnancy and I don’t have a single stretch mark!

You just finished shooting the commercial and ad campaign for Palmer’s. How was the experience?

It was a wonderful experience. It’s fun to be working at this stage of pregnancy. When I first let the news out that I was pregnant, I became very protective of the baby. I think it was my mothering instincts kicking in. I decided not to do anything until Palmer’s came along. It was a perfect fit for me, because I love the product. I have a perfectly smooth, stretch-mark free belly. My advice to all pregnant women is to use Palmer’s!

During the photo shoot, I had on a white shirt and white pants with my belly sticking out. As a model, I kept asking if I should suck my belly in! It was an easy, fun shoot.

How has the pregnancy been?

Knock on wood, it’s been a great pregnancy. The first three months were really, really hard. I had morning, noon, and night sickness. I couldn’t eat much. I grew up with four boys, and I was very much a tomboy. During this pregnancy, though, this was the first time I ever felt like a girl.

How so?

Everything grossed me out. You can ask my brother Mark; I’m not an easy person to gross out! Everything made me sick, from foods, to smells, to even my girlfriend cutting her finger nails!

Did you have any weird pregnancy cravings?

Egg salad. And I don’t even like egg salad! I ate it all the time. Now I can’t even look at it. It was probably the protein that I wanted.

Do you have a name picked out for the baby?

Yes, he is going to be named Kayden Bobby. Kayden is for my mom, whose middle name is Kay, and Bobby is my dad’s name.

What is the baby’s nursery like?

It’s a rocker safari baby nursery! The colors are neutrals, browns and greens. I had an artist paint a mural of a monkey holding an Eddie Van Halen guitar and a giraffe with headphones on! It is so cute. I wanted a nursery that was a little more hip. I’m definitely not a pastel kind of girl.

Do you have a birth plan?

I’m having a c-section because I had back surgery a while ago. I broke my back, and it can’t support a natural childbirth, unfortunately. I try to look at the positive side, though. By having the C-section, I’ll save a few things that will remain intact! (laughs)

(laughing) What are your plans for after Kayden comes?

I would like to get back to work because I’m a single mom. I also like that I can take my time to get back into shape in a healthy manner. And I plan to spend a lot of quality time with my son. I want to get to know him; I don’t want to have a nanny right away. I want to bond with him and have him bond with me. My mom is coming in this Sunday, so I’ll have a good support system. I just can’t wait until my son comes.

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