6 Homemade Hair Masks

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, your hair goes through a lot. From sun and chlorine during the warmer winter months, or cold temps causing your tresses to become brittle and break, it’s important to nourish your locks year-round.  Kristin Utterback of www.Latest-Hairstyles.com offers these 6 homemade hair masks to keep your hair looking amazing no matter what season it is. “Apply one of these homemade hair masks to your hair once a week throughout the cold season to keep your tresses moisturized the natural way,” says Utterback. “Try one or two different masks to find the best one that works for you!”

Mayo Hair Mask

Take ½ cup mayonnaise and apply to your hair from root to the tip. Cover your head with plastic wrap and wait 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm to cool water.

Egg Hair Mask

Whisk two eggs and apply mixture to hair from root to tip. Keep the egg mix on your hair until it dries then rinse with lukewarm to cool water.

Banana/Almond Hair Mask

Mash one banana then add three to four drops of almond oil and mix well. Massage the mixture thoroughly into your hair, wait 30 minutes then wash with a mild shampoo with lukewarm to cool water.

Avocado/Egg Hair Mask

Mash/mix half an avocado and one egg together. Thoroughly apply the mixture to hair and cover your head with plastic wrap. Place a warm, wet towel over the plastic wrap and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse hair with lukewarm to cool water.

Banana/Avocado Hair Mask

Mash one banana and one avocado together. Comb the mixture thoroughly through your hair from root to tip. Wait 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm to cool water.

Banana/Yogurt/Oil Hair Mask

Combine two bananas, 1 tbsp plain yogurt, ½ tbsp olive oil, ½ tbsp castor oil and ½ tbsp coconut oil and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture to your hair from root to tip and wrap with a hot towel. Wait 30 minutes then wash hair with a mild shampoo in lukewarm to cool water.

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