Author Alison Fadoul Wants You To Be The Hot Mommy Next Door

Alison Fadoul is your typical mom next door. Except that she’s the hot mom next door. The author of The Hot Mommy Next Door, Alison is committed to educating women on healthy lifestyle choices and feeling beautiful at the same time. We caught up with Alison between amusement park rides at Epcot Center, in Orlando, FL, to talk about healthy living and being your personal best.

When did you decide to write The Hot Mommy Next Door?

I knew after my daughter was born that I wasn’t going to have a third child. I wanted to take my body back, but bring it to the next level. I thought, “It’s on!” About 4 months after I had her, I was back and better than ever. I was getting such a good response from veteran moms, new moms, even women who hadn’t had children yet. They would say to me, “You don’t look like a mom!”  I thought, “What is a mom of two kids supposed to look like?”

I’ll tell you: Sweatpants. Ponytail. Minivan. Overwhelmed. Overweight.

[laughs] At that moment in the gym, I knew I wanted to put my idea on paper. I would tell readers what I ate and how I trained. I just wanted to get my message out to the masses. I had my own body issues growing up, and I knew what it felt like to feel that you couldn’t achieve your goals.

What would you say to the mom who is overwhelmed, who feels she can’t lose weight?

The biggest thing is a routine. You absolutely must make time for yourself. You have to put yourself first in order to do what you need to do as a mom. There is always time for you. You have to remember that there’s no magic pill. You have to ask yourself, “What do you want more?” If you’re willing to work for it, you can be successful.

It’s not about dieting. It’s about a lifestyle change.

Right. Diets don’t last. It’s all about basic nutrition. In the book, I have Smart Choice Eating Guidelines. You have to eat 5 small, well-balanced meals a day. That will keep your metabolism up. You should eat lean protein, low fat, low to no sugar, and drink lots of water. Also, you have to plan out your meals. Knowing where and when your next meal is coming from takes out the guesswork. If you pack lunches for your kids, pack one for yourself. Ultimately, it’s a commitment to yourself in the process.

How did you come up with the name for the book?

I was watching The Girls Next Door, and I thought that was a cute name. You want to catch people’s attention, and the book title definitely does. I think every mom wants to be the hot mommy next door. We want to feel healthy, and look good in our clothes. We all go through that stage where you’re in mommy mode; you walk around with your hair pulled back and food on our clothes. But we are still women and need to feel good about ourselves.

What are some of the key highlights of the book?

Definitely the Guidelines. There are sample menu items, which are broken down for all five meals of the day. Each meal has 7 choices, so you can mix and match and be creative. There are also Ten Tips to be Successful. I include the products that I’ve used to be successful.

Are your kids good eaters?

My daughter is a great eater; she’ll ask for peas and broccoli. My son, on the other hand, loves chicken nuggets and pizza rolls. It makes me cringe! [laughs]

What is your # 1 cheat food?

As time has gone by, my cheats have been dessert and wine. I love chocolate, like a warm chocolate soufflé, and a Flirtini. I also love bread with butter. Hey, I’m a person, too, and I will eat a French fry! [laughs] My kids had an event at school recently, and I felt some people watching what I was eating. I know it’s because I’m the author of a healthy lifestyle book. I put a book out there; my body is my business. They’ll say to each other, “Oh look at that mommy. She’s turned fat.”

[laughs] She’s the chunky mommy next door now.

[laughs]I’ve struggled in the past, but healthy living is such a part of my life now. I’ve been on the opposite end of the spectrum, and I don’t see myself going back there.

Are you planning on writing another book?

I’m working on a new book: The Healthy Kid Next Door.

What would you say to encourage women to take the first step? You know that’s the hardest one.

I know. It’s so hard to get up the hill, but once you’re up at the top, the view is so beautiful. You’re not going to want to leave.

Photos: Courtesy of Alison Fadoul
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