Disney On Ice Presents Road Trip Adventures Is One Trip You Won’t Want To Miss

Everything Disney touches turns to gold, and Disney On Ice Road Presents Trip Adventures is no exception. And even if you’ve been to Disney World and gone to the Broadway shows, there’s still nothing quite like Disney On Ice. It’s a beautiful, mesmerizing, highly interactive show that your kids (and you) will totally love.

The show starts off with a pre-party experience. Two cast members circulate throughout the crowd hyping them up and getting people up and dancing (even dads!). When both adults and kids have let loose, the lights go down and Mary Poppins appears—naturally, by flying with her umbrella onto the ice. There are people popping wheelies with bikes, beautiful old-fashioned street lights that light up, and it’s truly a visual spectacle.


But if you’re at Disney On Ice, there’s probably one character you want to see more than any other—and that’s Mickey Mouse. Well, the wait is soon over, as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse come out and welcome the crowd. They invite the crowd to go on a road trip with them, but it wouldn’t be complete without other characters like Donald Duck and Goofy. The crowd got a lot of laughs as Goofy “tried” to drive the car, which does a few zany circles around the ice so that everyone can see their favorite characters.

But in order to stop the car from crashing, you need something (or someone) incredible. Enter The Incredibles family to save the day. Jack and Helen come out to help, but they’re soon joined by daughter Violet (in a totally cool bubble to reflect her force field powers), as well as Dash holding baby Jack Jack. The ice gets lit on fire (and from the heat that could be felt, it was real fire), and Frozone comes out with an arctic blast to stop it.

Now that The Incredibles have saved the day and seatbelts have been buckled, it’s time to go on the actual road trip. First stop, Motunui, where Moana sails out onto the ice on her canoe singing “How Far I’ll Go.” Maui comes out and sings “You’re Welcome” and the scene is pure magic.

Things quickly become colder as the Frozen scene begins. Snow falls from the ceiling and Elsa and Anna sing. Everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf (sorry, Frosty) comes out and sings “In Summer” surrounded by a bunch of skating flowers and buzzing bees. By far, Olaf was a fan favorite. But nothing beats Elsa singing “Let It Go,” which culminated in her spinning high up into the air as she belted out the song’s finale. The rink became an icy palace with frozen fractals all around, aerial performers on snowflakes, and it was simply stunning.

The crowd is then taking to warmer climates as The Lion King appears. The crowd definitely could “Feel The Love Tonight” as Simba and Nala skated beautifully together. Which brings up another point: the costumes. Every single costume is more beautiful than the next. The Lion King’s costume (and flowing mane) were breathtaking.


After all that love, it’s time to have a little fun. And who better to play hide and seek with than Forky? That’s right, everyone’s favorite spork is hiding in the trash can and it’s up to Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bo Peep, and the rest of the Toy Story 4 gang to help find him. The kids in the crowd had a blast yelling out when they saw Forky, and everyone cheered when Duke Caboom came flying out on his motorcycle—even if he was a little wobbly at first, which was all part of the act. At one point, big balls were thrown out into the audience for a fun game, and everyone got into the action.

It’s then off to Agrabah — and Aladdin. While all of the Disney On Ice Presents Road Trip Adventures numbers are big and beautiful, there is no comparison to the Aladdin portion of the show. There’s an elephant made from flowers, there are characters singing and dancing (and skating) everywhere, and the Genie himself makes an appearance on screens that depict parts of the movie. The best part is, of course, when Aladdin and Jasmine sing “A Whole New World” and Jasmine is flying through the air. It truly is a magical carpet ride.

So what’s a Disney party without a princess? Finally, if your own princess has been waiting patiently, she’ll be super excited to see the Disney princesses come out onto the ice for a total girl power scene. Everyone from Elsa to Anna, Rapunzel, Belle, Merida, Snow White, Cinderella and more come out in a fun dance act.

And all too soon, the show comes to an end with all of the characters coming back out onto the ice for one last dance and wave. But you’ll leave Disney On Ice Presents Road Trip Adventures so completely happy. Disney makes every effort to include the audience throughout the show, from posting pics of the audience on the jumbotron, to talking and dancing with them, to even having selected people come out onto the ice for parts of the show.

Disney On Ice Presents Road Trip Adventures is one road trip you’ll reminisce about for years to come.

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