How to Have Date Night on a Budget, Because You Can Get Creative With Your Cash

Lately, it feels like everything in your life is being stretched thin, from your time, patience — even your cash flow. While you might look woefully in your wallet and not see a good amount of green, your lack of dollars shouldn’t deter you from having some fun with your sweetie. Marina Sbrochi, author of Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life, offers her tips on how to have date night on a budget.

When you and your sweetie were first dating, you spared no expense. Now that you’re married with kids, date night is a lesson in frugality. But having copious amounts of cash doesn’t guarantee a good time, either. So put on your fanciest frock and get ready to have date night on a budget — and have some fun, too.

Change The Date

Everyone plops their change in a jar. But you’d be surprised at how quickly your cash can accumulate, especially if you’re not keeping an eye on it. Make it a habit to store extra singles in a safe spot, or collect all those coins and put them away. At the end of a week, month, (or even two months), there should be plenty to have a great date night dinner.

Date Like You’re Still In College

Back when you were in school, your dates probably weren’t excessively extravagant — but they were still awesome. “Get back some of that carefree college love, when money didn’t matter,” says Sbrochi. Go to the store and buy what pretty much every college kid lives on: ramen. “Prepare the noodles, add half the spice pack and just a bit of water,” she says. “Saute onions, peppers, and mushrooms and make a veritable veggie stir fry — all for under $10.”

Get Sweet

Dinner and a movie certainly sounds like a fun way night out. But when you start adding it all up, it might not make sense — in dollars and cents. That doesn’t mean you have to choose one over the other, though. “Go to your local drugstore or dollar store and stock up on $1 candy,” suggests Sbrochi. “Then hit the movie theater with candy in tow.” Depending on the feature flick you’re watching, you can search for a more secluded spot in the theater to feel like you’re dating all over again.

Picnic In The Park

Sure, a picnic might be something you do with your kiddos, but an adult version can be quite romantic. “Score a nice loaf of French bread, cheese, salami and wine and spread a pretty blanket out under the twilight,” says Sbrochi. That way, you can enjoy a nice glass of wine (and your sweetie) under the stars — sans kids.

Your date night doesn’t have to be determined by the amount of dollars you have in your wallet. Get creative with your cash, and you can have a date night on a budget that beats one that doesn’t break the bank any day.

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