Life Is Sweet For Melissa Joan Hart With Her New SweetHarts Candy Store

Most kids only dream of one day owning a Sweet Shoppe. Actress, producer, mompreneur (and mom!) Melissa Joan Hart is actually doing it! Melissa recently had the grand opening of her newest venture, SweetHarts, a confectionery wonderland in Sherman Oaks, C.A.

SweetHarts features self-serve frozen yogurt in yummy flavors such as pomegranate, bubble gum, cake batter, (and for the purists, vanilla and chocolate). Also on the menu is
gelato with as many toppings as your tummy can possibly desire. If fro-yo is not your thing, there’s almost limitless candy and baked goodies to choose from.

On hand to celebrate in their mom’s big day was Melissa’s sons, Mason, 3, and Brady, 14 months. Celebrity Parents spoke exclusively with Melissa about SweetHarts and her Grand Opening. She said:

“It was a fun and crazy day. I felt like a princess at her birthday party. All of my friends and neighbors came by to see our sweet shop and it was a perfect day. One little girl called SweetHarts her “heaven”. It made my day!”

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