Sketch Pals Doodle Board Gives Kids A Creative Way To Draw

No matter how much you stock up on school supplies, it seems like you never have paper and pen on hand when your child wants to color or write something down. Now, you won’t need either, because the Sketch Pals Doodle Board ($19.99) allows your kiddo to jot down notes or draw their favorite figure anywhere — even at school.

Sketch Pals doodle board characters that clip to almost anything, like your child’s backpack. But first, can we just talk about the feel of this toy? It has that soft, shiny texture that just feels good in your hands. And it’s the right size for children’s hands, too, so sketching won’t feel strenuous. The clip is made from a super strong rubber band that ensures that it won’t fall off your child’s lunch box, no matter how much they might bang it about. The “face” of the Sketch Pals offers enough room for writing down a note, message, or even drawing something, and no matter what, it won’t wipe off.

If small pieces can get lost, they will. But with the attached stylus pen, that’s never going to be a worry. Not only is it clipped to the board, but it’s also on a stretchy band, too. That means that your child can adjust the pen accordingly to write, and it won’t ever fall off. And when your child isn’t doodling, they can push the pen right back into the bottom of the Sketch Pals, where it will safely stay until the next note needs taking.

In addition to doodling, you can use your child’s Sketch Pals as an on-the-go message board of sorts for your sweetie. For example, you can use it as a reminder for your child (“Don’t forget: doc appt at 3:30 today!”), or even a little love note or one of encouragement (“Good luck on your math test!”).

And when your child is done drawing or needs to nix the note, simply tap the critter’s nose with the stylus pen and it all disappears until the next time you need to write something down.

The Sketch Pals Doodle Board from Boogie Board allows your child to show their creativity, and the best part is that you won’t be stuck with piles of papers and “artwork” that you’ll eventually toss into the trash.

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