Smart Songs for Active Children – Vincent Nunes

Help your child get the silly jiggly wigglies out with the CD Smart Songs for Active Children. Created by Vincent Nunes, the 16-track CD has fun songs that kids can dance and jam to. The lyrics are clearly sung so kids can truly understand what each song means. “Count by Three” has a sexy samba sound, and “Mr. Murphy’s Most Amazing Super Savings Store,” is like a short story for kids as is “Manuel the Great,” who is the star of the circus. Your kids will love to “Dance the Day Away,” and in “They Speak Spanish” they will learn which countries speak Spanish—and also understand that in Brazil, they speak Portuguese. “Wash Your Hands” teaches kids how to keep their hands nice and clean in a cute way that will get kids scrubbing their fingers and their thumbs. All the tracks onSmart Songs for Active Children are adorable, but we especially loved “House of Love” and with tracks like, “From the ground below, to the roof above, we live in a house of love,” so will you.

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