Mr. G’s Albums Are The Perfect Songs To Play For Your Virtual Passover Seder

Your Seder is certainly going to look different this Passover. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it magical—or musical. Ben Gundersheimer (aka Mr. G.) has perfect songs to play for your Passover virtual Seder that will definitely delight everyone in the room…and on Zoom, too.

Mr. G’s album, Seeds of Shalom, has songs that celebrate being Jewish and simply being alive. The Latin-inspired song “Shalom” will have you singing, dancing and caring for one another. And “It’s All Tov” reminds us that it’s all going to be okay, even if you get lost on the way to shul, like Mr. G sings. The title track talks about sharing the earth together, and how we’re more similar than different.

Many of the tracks on Seeds of Shalom are earth-centric and focused on how there should be peace on earth, no matter where you call home. Your kids can learn some Spanish between bites of brisket with the songs “Mundo Verde” and “Si Se Puede” both of which tackle topics about protecting the planet and being as eco-friendly as possible.

And when it’s time for bed, you can sing the sweet “Lilah Tov Yeladim”, an acoustic lullaby, to your babies both big and small. But if your kids are clamoring for more music, just pop on The Mitzvah Bus CD from Mr. G. (who also happens to be a Latin Grammy Award winner). “Challah – Lalala” is about, what else, challah, but also other yummy Jewish foods like latkes and rugelach. It celebrates the joy of Jewish food and family, as does “Latkes for Breakfast” and “Matzah On My Mind”.

Other standout songs on The Mitzvah Bus include “Hola Shalom” which can help your child perfect their Spanish. You can also teach your child the meaning of mitzvahs and why it’s important to do good deeds when you listen to the title track together. And as your Seder winds down, you can always play “Shabbat Shalom” which reminds us of why it’s important to celebrate not just Passover, but the beauty of a weekly Shabbat. As Mr. G. points out, it’s a time to come home and put down the phone, and eat by candlelight on a Friday night.

So if you’re looking for a little background music that will appeal to all Passover participants both young and old, Mr. G.’s Seeds of Shalom and The Mitzvah Bus are the perfect musical accompaniment for an already miraculous evening.

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