Suzi Shelton’s Latest CD, Hand In Hand, Celebrates Childhood


Hand in Hand is Suzi Shelton’s sweet fourth CD. It’s an eclectic mix of songs that celebrate childhood in a kind, loving, yet modern way.

The lead song on the album, “Put Your Hands in the Air,” is a song that parents are definitely going to want on repeat in their car on the way to preschool. It’s got a great vibe that’s reminiscent of 90s indie rock. Your little one can learn how to count with the cute song “Ladybugs,” and “Can You Feel the Power” has empowering lyrics to inspire your child to be the best they can be.

Standouts from the CD include “Raindrop” which talks about a parent and child getting caught in the rain, and has a cute chorus. “We Shall Walk” was written by Shelton’s daughter, Emma, and is about loving one another. It touches on topics such as racism, world peace, and equality for all.

Suzi Shelton makes music that’s at once super fun for both parents and their children. Hand in Hand is a testament to the power of possibility for a better, more loving world through music.

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