The Gazillion Bubble Show Is An Absolutely Incredibubble Experience

The name certainly doesn’t lie. The Gazillion Bubble Show in NYC has literally a gazillion (or more) bubbles in the exhilarating 75-minute show. Created by the Yang family (parents Ana and Fan, brother Jano, and son Deni), the bubble artists create a spectacularly exciting and beautiful show that stimulates the senses and truly makes you feel like a kid again.

Depending on the night that you visit the Gazillion Bubble Show, you might find Ana, Fan, Jano, or Deni performing. Deni performed the night that Celebrity Parents was there, and the experience will totally blow you away (no pun intended). Deni blew bubbles of all shapes, sizes, and colors; some were then filled with smoke, others rotated around the others. It was true visual artistry, and it’s obvious that the bubble artists take pride in their work.

Case in point: at one time, Deni was trying to create this amazing bubble sculpture, but as bubbles are wont to do, it popped. Deni repeated the process until he was able to achieve the result he wanted — to wild applause.

And that’s the cool thing about the Gazillion Bubble Show; it’s highly interactive. Kids were often invited up onto the stage to participate in various segments of the show. Deni had a genuine way with the children that helped complement the show and made everyone feel included, no matter if you were onstage or sitting in the back row of the audience.

Each part of the Gazillion Bubble Show is more thrilling than the next. At one point, the entire audience was under the sea, thanks to beautiful wafting laser beams and a billion bubbles. And we absolutely LOVED the part where Deni channeled his inner Neo (complete with black sunglasses) and turned the stage into The Matrix with green lasers and awesome music.

Now, the Gazillion Bubble Show is not only visually stunning, but it smells amazing, too. That’s right, the bubbles have a scent that you’ll want to soak up. And speaking of soaking, be sure to wear comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting messy. There is one super fun segment of the show where it feels like a tsunami of bubbles are streamed directly at the audience. From the wind blowing, to the amazing music, to the steady flow of bubbles, it’s sensory overload in every wonderful way imaginable.

Playing at the New World Stages in New York City, the Gazillion Bubble Show is one not to miss. You’ll find yourself reaching your hands up to catch and pop the beautiful bubbles, laughing along with your kids and having an unbubblievably fun time.

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