The Peanut Bump Buddies App Lets You Find Friends With Similar Due Dates

Even though friends and family (and even strangers) will be so excited for you and want to touch your belly all the time, pregnancy can actually be an isolating experience for the mom-to-be. And if it’s your first pregnancy, you might want to have someone to share your joys, concerns, and “Is this normal?” questions with other than your partner. Well, Peanut, the social networking app that connects women through every stage of pregnancy, has launched its Bump Buddies feature to help expecting moms find friends who have similar due dates.

Even if you have a gaggle of girlfriends who are pregnant at the same time as you, you might not all be due around the same time. One might be at the very end of her pregnancy, while another might just have spotted those two little lines on a pregnancy test. That’s what makes the Bump Buddies feature on the Peanut app so brilliant. It allows mommas-to-be to forge new friendships with other women who are expecting around the same time.

For example, if you’re unsure if you felt the first fluttering of a kick (or it’s just gas from those enchiladas you ate the night before), you can always confer with your newfound friend that you made via Bump Buddies to see what advice she can offer you.

But if making new friends makes you want to throw up (and not just because you’re in your first trimester), the Bump Buddies has you covered. The app automatically matches you to a Buddy Group based on your stage of pregnancy. Additionally, you can also be linked to other like-minded mommas based on criteria such as your personality types, where you live, and even your interests to help you create cool conversations and potentially be able to meet up IRL.

So whether you’re looking for someone who can talk about topics important to you like fertility and miscarriage, to someone who will coo over those cute 4D ultrasound pics you just got, or simply to have a friend who knows exactly what you’re going through, Peanut’s Bump Buddies ensures that you’ll be friends for nine months — and beyond.

Photo Credit: Peanut
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