The Peppa Pig Big Bus New York Tour Is As Much Fun As Jumping Up And Down In Muddy Puddles

Fans of the oh-so-popular children’s show Peppa Pig know that the precocious pig and her family are quite the world travelers. Never ones to stay stuck in the mud, Peppa and her parents, along with her dinosaur-loving little brother George, are often seen with their passports in hand, ready to travel the world. If watching the show has inspired some serious wanderlust, now your family can go on an oinktastic adventure by hopping on the Peppa Pig Big Bus New York Tour.

Whether you’re an out-of-towner or a born-and-bred New Yorker, it’s always exciting to see the sights of the city. But while most people will travel on foot or car, it’s even cooler to board a bus — and a double decker bus at that — to view skyscrapers or famous landmarks. And you’ll get an almost bird’s eye view of the city when you take the Big Bus Tour with Peppa Pig, since the double decker bus has an open roof for you to truly soak up the city.

Before you even board the bus, you’ll be feeling perfectly piggish because the Peppa Pig Big Bus New York Tours experience begins with a wrapped double decker bus featuring the four year-old pig and her family. Guests are given some Peppa Pig swag, such as pink plush ears and headphones that can be plugged in so you can hear pre-recorded Peppa Pig commentary to offer insight into what you’re viewing. There’s also an activity sheet to keep kiddos occupied when the bus hits that infamous NYC traffic.

There are four different tours to choose from, (such as the Downtown City Tour or the Uptown City Tour). No matter what tour you choose, though, you’ll be able to hop on and off the bus all day as you explore the city, stopping to take some selfies in Times Square, or to get something yummy in Little Italy. Be prepared to climb the stairs inside the double decker bus so you can get a truly remarkable view of New York City. Kids will love being on top of the bus, especially when the bus rides down the street and the wind whips through your hair. Depending on the time of year that you take the tour, though, be sure to bring a jacket because it can get chilly.


The Peppa Pig Big Bus New York Tour has everything you’d ever want out of an excursion with your family. You’ll see NYC sights, get to hop off and sample some of the best cuisine anywhere in the world — all while sitting atop a double decker bus all decked out in Peppa Pig imagery. It’s *almost* as much fun as jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

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